This amazing woman, Nicola, came home one day to find my dog William at her house. He found her living just up the street from where he was staying. For 2 years since I had left Australia and had to abruptly leave him behind with my sister, he was repeatedly escaping from her house and had never done this before. The whole neighbourhood started to know who he was and who my sister was. He then found Nicola.

William Nic and Catherine
Wonderful William with Nicola and Catherine.

After word coming out around town and my sister found him, Nicola revealed her very special gift to communicate with animals. So my sister asked her to talk to William, she had a chat to him and found out that he was looking for someone, someone he deeply cared for and couldn’t understand where they had gone.
My sister then contacted me and I spoke with Nicola, her suggestion was to tell him where I was and that he was to wait there for my return. Sure enough after this chat he never escaped again and waited the 6 months until the opportunity arose for him to join me in Indonesia.
This beautiful lady has on many occasions helped me and my animals. Nicola has been invaluable to me and my animals now. She assisted them all with their new homes, travels and has since communicated for the animals of many others that I know.
I am sharing this because I believe so much in this very special lady who wouldn’t even take a payment for the first readings she was doing for me as she didn’t feel she was ‘good enough’ and donated the money I gave her to the local shelter.
She has now taken the next step since then to come forth with her purpose in life and if you ever need help from someone you can trust to give you the truth I will always recommend the lady William himself found to help him – Nicola.
Please go to her page and see for yourself, who knows one day you may be in need of a little extra help.”

Catherine Louise Birmingham – Writer, International dressage rider and trainer.

Charming Charlie


“It is with great pleasure I write this review on this incredible Animal communicator and her outstanding ability to connect. I have personally witnessing her tracking down a lost Dog by simple communicating via phone to his owner – she was able to verify his whereabouts by the description given to her by the Dog and in turn reunite him with his owner – have never seen anything like this done before. On a personal level we have been using the gifts of this communicator to help with various issues with our Cat and she has now successfully communicated on numerous occasions, telling us things only we would know, even knowing his old name called by his previous owners. There are no doubts left in our mind about this woman’s amazing ability to communicate and help you, together have a wonderful and fulfilling journey and relationship with your four legged family member”       

Natalie Roberts. Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor. Spiritual energy healer. Meditation and Chakra Therapist. Reiki Practitioner.

Handsome Ted


“I would like to thank Nicola from the bottom of my heart for her valuable help with Ted. Ted is an ex racing Greyhound that was given to us to find him a home. He just seemed so sad and really hard to read. I guess he thought we wanted him to still be a racer and we were trying to treat him as a domestic dog.
Nicola helped us to understand Ted, it’s made it easy and enjoyable to be his friend, I love him to bits and he looks happy, still working on a couple of domestic issues and he’ll be ready…
I was reading back over Nicola’s readings with Ted, very emotional… As we didn’t know his past it was hard to put it together, but now reflecting back and what we know now it makes perfect sense.
Nicola thank you so much to you and your huge heart, you are a wonderful communicator and healer, with love Jane & Ted”

Jane Miller.

Young Dart


“So right on the money, the best animal communication, so spot on its great… Recommend Nic to anyone, she has honed her craft. Thank you beyond, words!”

Diane Gregory.

The gorgeous Lilly Pilly

“Thanks for your help with Lily Pilly…. She seems to respond to us with a smile where before she seemed to be looking sheepish or anxious…. The talk is helping us to understand Lilly better…. Carol read over your chat with Lilly and was very impressed…. Thanks again, you are doing great work Nic!”

Bruce Westerman

“Nicola has been a guiding light between myself, my animals and many horses I have worked with. She is a never ending source of patience, understanding, love, direction and light.20180727_154316 Unbelievably talented in her readings, she is a source of great clarity and communication between the animals and humans of this world. A woman well worth learning from. Thank you Nicola, for all you are and all you do.”

Catherine Louise Birmingham 

“When my heart was breaking, you made the time we had left so very precious. received_10157527700022222
Julie got to express her needs and prepare us for the transition.  You are a special person and I will continue to talk to the animals – I truly know for sure, they are patiently waiting to be heard.”

J. Pummeroy