Animal Communication

 What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication, or interspecies communication as it is sometimes called, is a two-way multi-sensory exchange of information between species.sheep at Edgars

It is a ‘language’ of energy long-forgotten by many humans and animals communicate this way constantly.

Most of us have experienced moments where we have felt a strong bond or a particular moment of connectedness with another animal. This is the basis of animal communication. By focussing on these moments, practising connecting quietly and on a different energy level to our physical senses, we are able to resurrect and fine-tune that language within all of us and communicate with our animal co-habitants.

Everyone has the ability to communicate in this way and more people are hearing the call to re-develop this within themselves.

The world of animal communication opens up so many doorways between humancropped-cropped-nic-and-lee.jpgs and other animals.  It enables understanding and clarity of sometimes difficult situations.  It offers knowledge and information that will benefit interspecies development.

Conflict resolution becomes easier when you can communicate with all the parties involved.

Healing is aided when the patient is able to convey what the issue is.

Most of all, animal communication takes us back to being one with all beings co-habiting with us.  As animals ourselves, we are able to form strong bonds with other animals and hear what messages they are here to share with us.  We have much to learn and share and communication is the key for this to happen.

What does a distance communication session involve?

Distance communications are ideal for yourself and your companion because you can remain in your own home, a familiar environment, and your companion is able to connect with me without being unnecessarily disturbed. This is particularly beneficial for those with physical ailments preventing them, or making it difficult foOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAr them, to travel.  An animal is also much more relaxed in their own environment without strangers ‘intruding’.

Many people contact me if they have questions they would like presented to an animal companion or if they have something they would like expressed.

Sessions often help resolve misunderstandings between you and an animal which have eventually presented as ‘behavioural issues’ or physical ailments in your companion and/or yourself. Most neglected emotional issues eventuate as physical issues in the body.

Distance Communication Session $80.00:
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Home visits and distance sessions are available for Communications.

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