I met this little fellow in England recently. S/he’d taken up residence at my sister-in-law’s family home and we greeted each other daily during my visit.

I nicknamed her/him Wyatt and this was Wyatt’s message:

“The Web is all – home, life and nourishment.

Humans are often clumsy, accidentally destructive. You don’t understand and see yourselves harming and killing. Even when it’s intentional, you don’t understand what you are doing.

Look after the web and it will look after you.
What we put in, we receive.

Even when you feel you’re in isolation, working on and connecting with yourself, you’re supported and connected with all.
You’re still giving and receiving energy with all around you.”

A wise, precious insight from another wonderful messenger.

Thank you, Wyatt.



Lismore Cows
“See us. 
SEE us. 
See US.”
Their message was simple yet persistent:
“Don’t just look.  See.  So many are looking past us as individual beings”.
A message which has come through from other species, and now these radiant cows in Lismore, Ireland.
“When you look at our herd, see the many Souls, not just one ‘item’.  That’s a classification.  We do not recognise or relate to each other, or you, as a ‘classification’.
We are not an unusual, inanimate creature so different to you.
You may appear different to us, but we still see you.  We feel you and know that you are here.
We come to you with love, we are not that different to you.  Connect directly with us, who we are and what we have to offer.  We are beings.  We are here and have purpose, just like you”
They repeated like a mantra, “It’s as simple as seeing us.  Not looking at us, seeing us.”
I asked these sentient, gracious cows why we are here as different species if we are so similar.
Their response:
“We have different tasks.  Like in a garden, there are different needs.  Different species tend to Mother Earth and our Universe from different perspectives and skills.  One may propagate while another ploughs.  A different species will fertilise while another cultivates.  Some species are there to simply offer their energy while others manage.  We all have a task and we all work together.
When one species takes advantage of the system, imbalance and disharmony will remain until balance is restored.”
At the moment, humans are the species taking advantage of other’s pacifism.  We are blocking the flow.  With help and guidance, we are gently being brought back into balance with our co-workers and co-habitants in the Universal Garden.
Sharing that they “want to bring stability and curiosity”, these cows encouraged us to “be inquisitive and discover things.”
Continuing with:  “Structure.  We see your bond with each other.  Your siblings, elders and peers.  It cannot go unrecognised.  We are dismayed that some humans do not recognise the same relationships we also experience with each other.”
“Awareness and sight.  Use them to see, observe and connect”.



This is Spartacus.

He is a young cat who has adopted the human family at Love and Nature Healing Retreat in Italy.

Just like many human children entering recent lifetimes, Spartacus shared how he has entered this lifetime with knowledge and wisdom for his adopted family and others.  He emphasised it’s the young of all species who are bringing knowledge with them, not just humans.

Spartacus shared: New generation = New perspectives. They are bringing new methods of connecting, teaching and growth.

Mother Earth has requested a new Board and Committee to oversee things. 

This confirms what was shared in recent conversations where the animals have shown there will be a shift in the generational belief systems of humans.  Instead of instilling their own beliefs on future generations, parents will be allowing children to access their own knowledge and belief systems that they bring with them.  A form of passive parenting and observation where adults will learn from children.  The young of all species being born now will remember previous knowledge, bringing their insight and messages through into this lifetime for everyone to learn from and grow.

There will be a new era of multispecies generations working together.

Sharing how he is here to work with the young daughter of his adopted family, Spartacus commented that he will be a Spirit Companion to her as well as physical.  They will grow together.  Spartacus is going to show her a balance between non-physical strength and gentleness, while sharing how to adapt to her environments, physical changes, situations etc.  Their bond is strong and they will learn and grow together.

Spartacus explained how this Spiritual and Physical Companionship will be replicated through multiple young new interspecies relationships.  Relationships built on equality, respect and compassion will evolve where humans see no more need to ‘own’ or feel superior over another animal.  Spartacus asked that adults choose to recognise this shift and allow it to happen freely.

The Animals explained that they have attempted to bring this shift through before but we (humans) were not quite ready.  It was too chaotic and their messages and knowledge were not being heard.  Humans have since calmed their energy and raised their vibration, as a species, and are now ready.  There will still be those who feel challenged and will resist but they now have an openness within them.

Spartacus commented “They are seeing with blinkers but they are still seeing.  Compassion with the truth will gently remove those blinkers and reduce the chaos.”

I was shown how some beings need to gently acclimatise their eyes to the light, to prevent shock.  Spartacus confirmed this with “they will be blinded and not see anything if it happens too quickly.”

We are being asked to spend no energy reacting to those who resist, just keep our energies focussed on sharing the truth, knowledge and messages being shared.

We will all have our ah-haa moment when we are ready.


Trixie is a recent mum who wanted to share how other animals not only teach us, they learn from us, too.

Following the Transition of her previous chicks, through human interaction, Trixie was reluctant to allow others near her new hatchlings at the time of my visit.  She explained how she had, initially, felt very blasé about her requirement to protect and was being taught its importance for survival.  She also understood the need to pass this survival lesson on to future generations.
Thankfully, all around her were respecting her wish for non-contact and honoured her lesson, offering her a safe place to nurture.

Trixie continued to explain how that challenging experience was a very big lesson for her as a new mum and hen, sharing how, as with humans, motherhood for all species can involve rapid learning ‘on the job’.

Remaining grateful for the time she enjoyed with her young chicks, Trixie confided how she wished for more time with them and would have loved to experience their growth with her but she ultimately understands it was their choice to Transition.  The reasons for their Transitions were not shared and I didn’t feel the need to ask.  It was between Trixie and her chicks.

By sharing the knowledge that if she had asked her chicks to stay with her in their physical, Trixie showed how they would have been living her version of their existence. She did not want that and instead honoured their journey, along with hers, choosing to concentrate on loving them every moment she shared with them.

Trixie wanted to remind us all to love who we are with, those we share our lives with.

“Give them all your love. Don’t feel you have ‘lost’ love when someone passes.  Reconnect with the love you have for those you are still with.”

That is how Trixie said she dealt with the physical ‘loss’ of her chicks.
She showed me over and over to simply “love someone, who is with you, with all you have.  Offer them your love as unconditionally as you’d want love.  Do this while you are together.”

Trixie noted how humans have an ability to provide this pure love more freely and openly only after a loved one has Transitioned.

Sharing how she experiences the pain and loss of grief, as humans do, Trixie mentioned how, by understanding that there was purpose and choice within these events, the longevity and deepness of the emotions she experiences is eased.

The emotions and feelings Trixie has in common with humans highlights the knowledge that all beings are, fundamentally, the same.  I have seen on numerous occasions how these sensitive creatures feel and experience as we do.  Trixie has chosen to love and nurture her new hatchlings, utilising her recently gained knowledge from humans.  Teaching, nurturing loving and providing for them, and their needs, freely as individuals while recognising the need for gentle protection.

Referring to how her chicks chose to Transition, Trixie asked me to remind others of their own free will and to respect it in others.  She wishes for all humans to make the realisation that we are all free and that freedom can only come from ourselves.  Unconditional love empowers that freedom in others, through the release of expectations of behaviour, physicality, love and presence.  It is only ourselves who can enable our own true freedom.

Structured definitions of society, relationships, community, genders and most aspects within human existence create boxes and labels encouraging conformity, filtered options, judgement and expectation.  Trixie shared how, if we simply chose to love those we want to exist with, and who we share our life’s purpose with, these boxes and labels become defunct.  We create them unnecessarily.

Animals tend not to expect from or ‘box’ humans, unlike the reverse.  They accept who we are, unconditionally, and allow us our freedom, physically and emotionally.  How we experience the relationship is our choice.

Many humans, as much as they love their companions, still hold some variance of expectation over them.  By providing for them, we expect returns of loyalty, obedience and/or companionship.  We begin to forget they still have free will and choice.  Through offering anything in exchange for something else, emotionally, physically or mentally, a relationship becomes unequal and can lead to inferred ownership.  Ownership over another’s actions, obligations, behaviour or otherwise.  A common misconception in many human-non human/human-human relationships but rare in non human relationships.

Some wonderful words and wise insight from the gentle Trixie in Italy.  If you have any questions or comments regarding Trixie’s message, please feel free to share.  The animals who are sharing these insights are keen to provide clarity and encourage discussion.