What is Reiki?


Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive form of energy healing for animals as well as humans. It is wonderful for helping many conditions including stress, anxiety, sickness and injuries, animals suffering side effects from medications or just to improve their well-being. It is also beneficial for those preparing to pass over, providing peace and reassurance as they prepare for their transition.

Reiki is often used as an accompaniment to conventional medicine.

Because Reiki healing is energy-based, it allows the healing to be done either in person or from a distance. Distance Reiki sessions are very effective for those who are unable to travel or if there are time or distance constraints. Distance healing is just as effective as hands-on healing and it is often a preference for those animals who are new to, or particularly sensitive to, the healing energy.

As it is such a beautiful, gentle healing technique, animals are naturally drawn to this form of healing and many are particularly sensitive to it.

What does a distance Reiki session involve?

reikiPrior to our session, I will contact your animal energetically and ask if s/he would like to receive healing. I have yet to encounter an animal (human included) who has not welcomed Reiki. We will then spend approximately an hour, depending on how long your companion would like to receive healing for, in session where I will be sending him/her Reiki energy and focussing on any issues brought up during that time, physical, emotional or otherwise.

Sometimes during these sessions, animals take the opportunity to pass on messages or information they feel their person may be needing to hear. If this does happen I will then forward that message, as conveyed by your animal, onto you.

As a qualified Reiki Master, I have offered Reiki to many of our companions, helping them to live fuller lives or ease their transition to the next.

Distance Reiki Session $80.00
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Home Reiki Session:  Please contact Nicola via the booking form for individual pricing.

Chakra Healings

Beautiful Xena

As with humans, balanced chakras are vital to the well-being of our fellow animals.

Chakras are energy centres located throughout our body and energy field, allowing the flow of energy to interlink with specific areas in our physical and spiritual being.

Although very similar to a humans, an animals Chakra system has extra centres which are very sensitive to unbalance.  For example, they have an 8th Major Chakra which is unique to them, positioned near their shoulder blades. This is not present in the Chakra system of us humans.
Often overlooked, this Major Chakra is the key link to all the other Chakras and it is the centre which deals with the animal-human connection as well as how that animal connects with its environment.
Very importantly, this is also the area many animals receive their vaccination injections, immediately compromising the flow of energy to and from that Chakra.

Energy blockages due to an unbalanced, under or overactive Chakra may present as a physical or emotional illness if left untreated, causing distress and disease for our companions.

During a Chakra Healing and Balance, I will connect with your companion to assess their Chakra functionality and flow.  We then work together to cleanse and balance their Chakras, assisting your companion to release any blockages which may present as behavioural, physical or emotional issues.

Distance Chakra Healing $80.00 
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Home Chakra Healing:  Please contact Nicola via the booking form for individual pricing.

Home visits and distance sessions are available for both Reiki and Chakra healings.  For more details, visit the Bookings and Contact page.

Distance Guided Meditations

20191212_183018_20200109151215725Find your peace to heal and relax through the power of meditation.

Be guided by Nicola during a personal One-on-One online meditation exercise, chosen specifically for you.

These mediations pause the physical body, allowing you to connect with your higher vibrational energies in order to heal, relax and just ‘be’.

Prior to our session together, we will connect to address any issues or concerns you may want to work through.  A meditation will then be chosen to help you with your healing.

No previous experience of meditation is required as Nicola will guide you gently to where you need to go.

Beneficial for beginners or experienced meditators.

Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom connection required for this service.

Distance Guided Meditation Intro Offer $35.00
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Free Heart Mindfulness Exercise