My Lesson

As a practicing animal communicator, recognising when another animal is connecting and passing on messages has become much clearer for me over time thanks to the continued guidance and patience they so freely give.

The first step in understanding is recognising when our companion is requesting our attention to receive the message s/he has for us. 

A previous article, Mirror, mirror., goes into more detail about one of the methods our companions effectively utilise to get our attention.

A phrase often shared with me is “I know s/he is trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what it is”.  The message may eventually come through to that person themselves or they may ask for my assistance to translate.  How the message is deciphered is not of importance, taking the time to accept, respectfully acknowledge and act on the message is the priority.  We owe it to those messengers to at least try to understand what they are telling us.

It is comparable to another human attempting to communicate with us in a different language.  We would find alternative methods to come to an understanding and that is how we should be treating our interspecies messengers.

There are many messages going untranslated, lessons unlearned and opportunities for us to heal that are being missed or misunderstood.  

One particular bond between a man and his dog as they travel Australia on their own campaign of awareness, Trigger’s Big Trek, has inspired me to introduce a project raising more awareness and understanding of the messages emerging within our relationships with our animal friends.  The project is an opportunity for us all to be able to recognise the initial moment of connection, translate the message, understand it and then learn from the communication.

Numerous conversations and sessions with many knowledgeable animals over the years has brought me so much learning, although there is one particular lesson that I would like to share as my contribution to this project.

My lesson began earlier this year when one of my companions, Xena, became unwell.  Her health deteriorated rapidly and it took a few days of medical assistance to stabilise her condition.  Xena was diagnosed with an infection of her digestive system and she returned home under medication.

Xena at hospitalDuring the initial first few days, the focus was on assisting her recovery and monitoring her.  It then became apparent that her recovery was going to be a long one.  Initially, my thinking was “Xena is a 15-year-old girl, of course this is going to take time” but then the knowing that there was more to her illness became stronger.

The infection had cleared but Xena was holding on to symptoms in order to teach me more.

I, along with many communicators I know, sometimes find it difficult to ‘hear’ our own companions when we are emotionally immersed in their situation. It was some time after her initial illness when Xena communicated the message “Let go” to me via a very dear friend of mine who enjoys a very special connection with Xena.  It was a message I understood immediately as I had been continually trying to ‘fix’ Xena and her recovery.  The day I received that message, I did ‘let go’ and assured her that I would remind myself to trust in the universe and allow her recovery to take its own path.  This is a message which continually emerges during interspecies conversations and I was having to remind myself of it and practice the challenging task of truly surrendering all control of the situation.  Xena’s energy began to shift, it had become lighter and her recovery began.

My lesson continued as Xena’s recovery continued.

During the weeks that followed, the complexity of my lesson grew.  It was like thinking I’d learnt maths at simple division, then got introduced to algebraic geometry.

Xena and I were having extended daily Reiki sessions during her recovery and it was during one of these healings when I was consumed with grief and sadness.  Recognising that it was not coming from Xena, I asked her more and she took me through previous life experiences which I thought I had processed.  Grief was the major element.  Whenever Xena and myself would sit and connect, tears flowed freely.  Two loved ones who had previously passed had become ‘trigger events’ for me during these conversations with Xena.  I realised the connection between these two events, Xena’s illness and her lengthy recovery as I painfully re-processed the experiences.

freewheelDuring these two trigger events I had experienced, I had felt unable to ‘fix’ one loved one and the other death I felt  I possibly could have prevented, or at least delayed.  (If only I understood more then).

After her illness, Xena had stayed in recovery status until I released my control of ‘fixing’ her.  It was as if she had ‘paused’ her recovery until I realised this.

I was still holding that energy with me and creating a ‘loop’ of emotional distress.

It had never occurred to me how imprinted this was on my psyche. These events had to be processed and ‘let go’. They were not for me to control.  These two souls both had their own paths to follow, it was not for me to walk their paths for them or control the direction they went in.

Xena’s key message to me was as follows:

“Release the toxins.  Let go of the past, it no longer holds you, your emotions or your being.  It is a lesson you are now processing and digesting.  Allow it to flow through you and don’t hold onto it.  The energy stagnates, rots and feeds sickness and disease”.

Xena’s illness attached to her digestive system until I had digested and processed what I needed to.  All throughout her illness and recovery, she was teaching me to truly ‘let go’, not just acknowledge the phrase and nod my head in agreeance, but to action it from my heart, to truly release all control.

nic and xena2Xena’s selflessness, love, perseverance and teachings are so humbling.  This lesson is, amongst everything else about her, something I will forever be grateful to her for and continue to live by.

There is a refreshing sense of freedom and empowerment to truly let go.

Many instances and methods emerge where our animal friends present their messages to us, we just have to recognise the signs and that is the purpose of this project.  For us all to recognise, understand and learn from these messages.  Our companions have so much to say.

If you have an experience to share where you, or someone you know, has learnt from animal, please contact me so we can share these messages, helping others recognise what their companion has to say. 






Kids and Pets Day


The Jen and Labbierelationship between children and animals is often one of mutual respect, innocence and love.
The special bonds that develop are beautiful to witness and teach us much about ourselves and our relationships.
There are many factors influencing the strength of our bond with our companions.  One of the reasons it can be so strong between children and animals is because children, like most animals, are living in the present.  The worry of future events and past experiences is seldom dominating a child’s mind and that is something they hold common with their animal friends.

They are living on instinct in the present moment.

DSC_0217Something many of us wander from as we focus on organising and ‘perfecting’ our life rather than living it.
There is also a lack of judgement between children and their animal friends which adults can often succumb to.  A child will look at an animal and see a cat, dog, rabbit etc.  As adults, some see the breed before the animal and have judged that being before any interaction has taken place.  The child is accepting regardless of what physical form they are presenting in.

They offer us such a strong reminder to have respect for all others and to truly celebrate our differences.

As we grow into adulthood, judgment can develop and present itself on a daily basis whether it’s meeting new friends, colleagues, another’s actions or overhearing  a conversation.

Judgements creep in and it is only our self-awareness that can change it.

Every time we make a judgement on a person or situation we are energetically creating something that isn’t there.

The actual being or event has been clouded and we are unable to see things as they truly are.

Being judgemental towards others merely shines the light on our own faults, not of those we choose to judge.
Another factor strengthening the bond between children and their animal friends is the lack of expectation between them.

2Again, the child and animal are two beings interacting on a level.  When adults enter the equation they can bring with them an expectation of how they feel the child and/or animal should behave and if that expectation is not met or excelled it can create emotions such as disappointment, anger or rejection in the adult.  These emotions then become part of the interaction and are experienced by all parties.

By releasing our expectations of others and accepting another as who they are, not what we want them to be or become, we are able to appreciate life from a much better viewpoint.

This also applies to expectations of ourselves.  Appreciate and love who you are not what you feel others want you to be.

It is humbling how much our young friends, together with our animal friends are showing and teaching us every day, and they do it so freely. Please remember to thank your children and animal companions for what they bring to your life.

Live in the present.

Remove all judgement.  

Release expectations. 




IMAG1187(3)A very powerful sequence of imagery and messages has been coming from many different directions recently.  A companion horse in Australia, undomesticated dogs in Bali, fellow humans during conversations and Reiki sessions and a persistent little insect to name a few.

Over the past year or so, a series of animal communications and Reiki sessions has brought forward the concept of a triangle as a symbol for a strong relationship connection between a horse, dog and human.  The triangle holds these three souls together over distance and connects them spiritually in this and previous lives.  It has been a constant whenever I connect to any of the three beings in that triangle.

Until recently, I thought that was their special, unique connection and a reference point for me during our sessions.  This belief is beginning to change as I receive more frequent messages and images relating to the number three and triangles.  I am being shown that it is much bigger than that.

Triangles surround us, from masonic symbology to tactics in a game of football.

The number three has its references in many cultures from the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Christianity, the three deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in the Hindu trinity and the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Buddhism.20160302_070029-1

The constant in all references to triangles and the number three is strength.

“Any structure requiring a strong and rigid construction depends on triangles to achieve that goal.  Triangles are at work wherever strength and rigidity are important”   © The Mystery of Triangles by John Fuchs.

The Great Pyramids, tripods, bridges, our heart, prisms, acrobatic formations, yoga poses and mathematics, to name a few, all hold this triangular strength.

“Structural engineers rely on triangles, both in 2D and 3D, to make strong structures.”  © Teach Engineering Curriculum by Regents of the University of Colorado ©2013

All from Sony May2014 153Why I was being shown this connection got me thinking and brought a lot of information to me.  Then the vital piece dropped in.  I got sent a link relating to the Great Pyramids ¹ and their energy fields.

The article explains, in much more detail than I will here, how a pyramid creates its own energy field by drawing external energy into its centre using the points and sides of its structure.  A positive energy is created from these combined external energies and is drawn to form a spherical field at its centre and around the structure.  It is basically transforming external energy into positive energy, storing it and then using it as a shield around itself.

This got me thinking about our heart and its energy.  I had been shown an image during a recent Reiki session where my client and I were connected and sharing an energy source that came from within us.  This energy was very different from the usual Reiki Healing energy in that we weren’t connecting to a Higher Source, it was from within our core beings.  This was a new concept to me but very real and it has become much clearer since discovering about the pyramids.

The heart is a three dimensional triangle, a pyramid in effect, and as a pyramid will be drawing on external energies in the environment.   As per all pyramids, these energies will then be brought into its centre using its own shape and structure and it will begin to create a positive energy force within itself and form an external protective shield in the process.  The consequences of this are limitless.  It is an energy of love, our strongest source of love is our heart.  By then opening our hearts to others, we are emitting this powerful love to so many others.  20160215_171759_001

It is powerful and is our strength.

Some refer to it as God being within each of us.  Whichever terminology you use, it is the same deep, core strength which is our very existence, our Soul.  We can sometimes see strength as an eternal process – how we deal with situations, how are we handling things?  Our real strength is much deeper than that.  It is from the depths of our heart pyramid and we must frequently check-in on that centre to feel that energy.  That is our source of strength and love.  When we feel that connection, an empowering peace is found.   With practise, a permanent connection can be established creating a state of being where we are empowered enough to face all life’s challenges with positivity.

We are forming pure, positive energy within ourselves. 

We are all good at our core.

As with all energy sources, by connecting via a grid we can spread that energy far.  Which is when my last message from an insect comes into the jigsaw.  He showed himself to me directly after a dream of an open doorway.  He was trapped by a closed door.  By keeping our hearts closed we will never share this limitless supply of positive energy to others.  We have plenty of love within us, enough for ourselves and to share.  Our fear of getting hurt will keep it trapped and never be of benefit to ourselves or others.

All from Sony May2014 267When we feel our hearts ache or hurt, we need to remind ourselves that the painful energy we have absorbed is in the process of being transformed into a much more beautiful, positive energy which is healing us as it transforms.

Painful, negative energy has no place within us and cannot exist if we stay connected to our heart source.



Picture Perfect

Believe in the Bigger PictureIt is not a belief that we are part of something much bigger, it is a deeper knowing.

It can be very easy to lose focus on this big picture during times of stress, emotional exhaustion, disillusionment or just busy daily life.  Refocussing takes practise.  It requires re-training many of our abilities including thought, emotion and senses and we all know any form of training requires practise and patience.

Akin to meditation, it involves acknowledging and setting aside all the mental clutter and then connecting with the heart rather than the mind.

It is in the heart that we find this knowing.

The mind believes, the heart knows.Focus

With this knowing comes an empowering sense of inner strength and support.  A clarity emerges which enables us to find and draw on that strength during some of our most challenging times.  That strength is always within us but can become difficult to find as we become mentally distracted with the conflict we are experiencing.  Like a camera lens, we just need to gently focus to achieve clarity and see the picture clearly.

The importance of refocussing is often underestimated and can be lost as we strive to find some form of balance.  Each one of us needs to be taking time daily to just sit back and remind ourselves that we are an important part of a very big, wonderful universe.  A universe where we are all connected and our energies can combine to create something so beautiful, if we allow it.Drop of energy.jpg

The individual energy we send out into that wonderful consciousness will be there forever, so it is up to us to consider carefully exactly what we want to achieve.

Do we want to add spice, flavour and yumminess to that ginormous bowl of soup or is our ingredient going to curdle the universal dish?

A dish we all feed from.

It is a choice we make ourselves.  A very conscious, individual choice which requires constant consideration and thought.

Mirror, mirror.

20160111_214003Many of us are aware of our companion’s ability to reflect, or mirror, our own state of well-being but why do they feel this is necessary?  What is actually prompting them to become this reflection?  Is it just psychosomatic between species or did I just make that up?

There is the theory that our companions are being empathic and share our symptoms through energy.  Many humans have experienced this with other humans albeit to differing degrees, whether it’s picking up on another’s mood in the same room or experiencing another’s pain when many miles apart.  So why not between species?

We are all animals emitting energy so surely we all possess the ability to pick up on another animal’s energy? 

Stag and humanWe do all possess this ability but the more animals I chat with, the more I am being told and shown that it is not empathy that lies behind the mirror.  They are not choosing to absorb our energy but rather bounce it straight back to us by reflecting what is occurring in our own bodies and minds.  Often so that we can see it from another perspective.  When we are cocooned in a certain situation or circumstance, it is very hard to get a true perspective and understanding of what we are experiencing.  By looking through another’s eyes and experiencing the same situation from the outside, it makes it a great deal easier to comprehend and rectify.  We have the opportunity to initially consider the situation via someone else and not ourselves when our companions choose to reflect.

Introspection can often be unnerving and painful so could they be offering themselves as a buffer to soften the emotional trauma?

During a recent conversation with a beautiful horse, she showed me herself as having digestion issues and retching.  As we investigated more, it emerged that the person attached to this beautiful horse was needing to process some information before sharing it with others.  The human had to digest the information and then get it out there.  Just as this wonderful horse had shown me.

There are many cases similar to this one, where a companion will either mimic the exact same ailments or show metaphysical symptoms for an emotional issue.  Does your companion have foot issues?  Have you stepped outside your comfort zone recently?  Or perhaps you need to take the weight off your feet for a while and have a rest?  Do you need to ground yourself?

Recognising the signs your companion is sending you is the key, or rather recognising that your companion is giving you a sign is the key.  Once you realise what your companion is experiencing is your issue, acknowledge their help, thank them and work with what they have offered you.

Ethel mirror.jpgTake the time to look at your companion as a beautifully polished mirror and focus on what it is they are showing you.

I have yet to chat with an animal who is reflecting for no reason.  Until we have all fully redeveloped the ability to communicate with our animal friends using their universal ‘language’ this is one of the most effective ways for other animals to connect with and help humans.  They understand that this is a concept that we can all learn and work with.  It is a fantastic system of communication and teaching.

This is a technique that we can all recognise, master and use to better ourselves and help each other. 

Reflection is just another example of how our wonderful animal friends are helping us as individuals and as a species to develop and better ourselves.

Don’t forget to thank them.

It’s a pity to pity.

“We’re happy” were the first words I received before we’d even got into our chat.  Monty, an undomesticated dog, had answered my question before I’d even realised I’d asked her.  Monty2She was very determined to put a halt to the pity her and her friends had been involuntarily receiving from humans, it was of no use to them.

This message was again passed to me by another dog we nicknamed Cesar who lived local to Monty.  He was very sick and in the process of preparing to pass on.  Monty is, and Cesar was, a street dog living alongside humans on much more equal terms than many people understand.  The one message that came through so strongly from both of them was, “we do not want pity”.

It is a message I took with me and have thought about ever since.

Pity is a bit of a manufactured emotion really, isn’t it?  (Apologies to any pity out there).  It is a feeling made up of sadness, sorrow and regret often caused by another’s misfortune or circumstance.  pityIt differs to empathy which is from the heart.  Pity is a feeling we create and share even with those who may not be suffering at all.  We just think they are.

Take Cesar for example.

Under the frail, physical form of a skinny one-eyed dog, was a strong, content, loving soul who was wanting to be recognised for those true qualities.  He was Somebody, not the pitied stray dog many saw.  He did not want, welcome or deserve such pity and flippancy.  Instead, by offering him respect, compassion and companionship, we saw his true soul and connected.  By recognising the soul in him, rather than the physical, there was no need for pity.

There was nothing to pity.

Pity is something that we can very easily conjure up and pass on without even realising it.  I find myself coming out with expressions such as “Oh, the poor thing” or “poor little poppet” and try to correct my thinking pretty quick smart.  Cesar2I do not want to offer that to another being, nor would I want it offered to me.  It is suggesting that someone is a victim and is in a situation that is not beneficial to them and their purpose.  How are we to know that what they are experiencing is not what they want or have invited?

Pity is a negative offering which serves no constructive purpose.

Instead, we need to create and offer a positive.  Acknowledge their strengths, offer assistance and encouragement.  Look past the superficial and recognise the strong being for who they really are.  Remember to let them know you recognise that in them.

empowerWe are here to empower and help each other.

Many of us have witnessed how positive affirmations encourage a human to heal, grow and realise their self-worth as a sentient being.  In a world of connectedness, the same applies to our cohabiting animals and plants.  Various studies have shown the effect of positivity in relation to plant growth and many of us have witnessed the joy in our companion animals when they are loved, recognised and respected.

When we find ourselves feeling emotions such as pity toward another being, we must stop ourselves and ask why we are offering them that?

Is it encouraging or constrictive?

Pity victimises another being immediately and often stems from not understanding the bigger picture.  If you think back on a moment in your own life when somebody offered you pity, how did it make you feel?  Empowered?  Needy?  Comforted?  Discouraged?

Offers of respect, love, recognition and empathy would be much more positive and supportive, creating a much more productive environment to another being.

That’s exactly what these beautiful dogs have shown me.  Theirs is a message that applies to us all which I needed to share so we can all learn from it and incorporate it into our lives.


12119982_945317148859760_7467403261146072858_oInterspecies communication requires a great deal of respect between myself and the animal(s) I am sitting with.  I have mentioned this because a couple of recent interactions with people who heard what I do ended with them wanting me to tell them what their companion was thinking right there and then.

I knew they were testing me and it humoured me that they never asked me what their human friend was thinking.  And why should they?

Every being has an innate right to privacy.

If your horse wants to tell you something, s/he will definitely be telling you, it is up to you to recognise the signs.

Once you recognise your companion is telling you something, you may understand or choose to have the message interpreted for you by an animal communicator.  There is nothing wrong with you asking your companion questions but to delve straight into the psyche of another being is an invasion of their privacy.

We must all learn to respect each other as emotional, cognitive beings because that’s what we are.

With this respect comes understanding.

Although we may not agree with another’s opinion or choice, it doesn’t mean we cannot begin to understand it.  We are all very unique with opportunities to have and express personal opinions but by refusing to understand those of others, we become blocked.  Communication breaks down and development as individuals and as society stalls.  Trying to learn more about the choice somebody else made may lead us to learn more about ourselves.  It offers an opportunity to bring new knowledge into our own lives which we can take with us as we walk our path and share with others along the way.

The language of all animals is one of compassion, love and respect.