Human Spirit Day Message

“Celebrate the connectedness of your Spiritual and your Human, your physical and your spiritual bodies.
Embrace the knowledge you have of your physical limitations while rediscovering your spiritual infiniteness.

Reconnect with your physical abilities and all the opportunities they bring while rediscovering those spiritual abilities.
Both are as limited and as infinite as you choose them to be.
Both are intricately interwoven, fully interlocked and working as a team for this lifetime.

Without the layer of physical, you would not be human.

You would not exist here, have purpose here as you do now.

An obvious statement but one to really consider and realise.

You formed your energy to create who you are today. You, the magnificent, powerful Being that you are, created your existence, your Human. You brought yourself to life, to Human life, just as you will bring yourself back to Spirit. You are One in varying stages of your journey.
Remind yourself of this magnificence when doubts consume you. When the Human-ness overwhelms you, take a rest to consider all you have already achieved and what you are capable of.

Dive deep into who you are and discover the channels which lock your Human/Spiritual communion in place. Trace those pathways to discover how they connect within you, for you and for all you experience.

These channels deliver you to your emotions, your thoughts, your memories, your illnesses, your concerns, your light, your power and your strength. Any experience you are requiring exists within these channels of energy.

Journeying through these tunnels, these channels, takes you through yourself and the vast world that you are.

See and feel yourself travelling through your network. Note what comes, what is shown and how you feel.

Imagine yourself travelling, with the wonder of a child, seeing and feeling your way through an extensive helter-skelter that twists and turns throughout your internal self, through your physical self and then expanding deeper into all your energy fields.
Follow these channels and observe where they take you, what you see and what you feel.

Do you revisit the same area?
Do you see colours?
Do you hear sounds?
Does someone join you?

Experience it openly and freely.
Anything and everything.

The experience will bring insight for understanding and healing your Human/Spirit union.
Fully rediscover yourself and enjoy your journey through your layers.

This is a powerful self-check maintenance practise which will encourage your awareness of the powerful union between your energetic bodies.

See and feel the channels of your Human and Spirit bodies connect, fuel and support all aspects of you. They are the irrigation system for your energy. Look after them, cleanse them and keep them open to flow freely between your energetic bodies.

Observe as the energy changes its speed of vibration between your physical, human energetic body and your spiritual energetic body.
The denser, slower energy of your human: thoughts, emotions, and body functionality are as vital to observe as the high-speed, enlightening vibration of your spiritual self.
Without one, the other would consume and overwhelm you. Be open to both as equally as each other.

Use this knowledge and ability with wisdom and courage. Empower yourself with it. Empower others with it. Lend them your hand, for rest, support and/or a lever to help themselves along on their journey.

Happy Travels.”


Bear with You

Image: Yathin S Krishnappa

A larger-than-size Bear very kindly joined me for a chat, sharing “Power” and “Force”. A ‘Ker-Pow’ energy. Not an inflicted, aggressive show of strength, but a gentle force field, a strong presence. This magnificent Being would command a room passively, allowing his energy to speak for him.

“Become comfortable in who you are and your energy will speak for you. It is not aggressive, it is confident. You will be assured of who you are and project that out because you become who you are. You do not project uncertainty and hesitation, falseness and insecurity. Just the power and force of You. Undiluted and wholesome You.

Imagine the energy of the world when are all comfortable and content with who they are. When each living being knows themselves; their strengths, their purity, their wisdom and assertiveness.

You will lose the need to draw strength and character from others. Compassion and proper understanding of yourselves and each other will reign.

Image: Tambako The Jaguar

Image that world.

Feel that world.

Now create that world. Within You.

Start with you and feel the change.

When you falter, when you’re challenged, go back to You and feel that certainty of who you are again.

Feel that world within you, again, and live that.

Hesitation and uncertainty can mean death for us (bears), so we learn to become who we are very quickly. We have to trust ourselves more than anyone, know our weaknesses, our strengths, our boundaries and physical limits. We learn to connect with all that and face our fears while connecting with the environment around us. That brings Wholeness, Oneness and Completeness for all we are and need.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself this lifetime is to become You.

Learn who you are, remember who you are and your reason for being here. Learn to trust yourself, truly and completely.

Mistakes are lessons. How do you think we learn? We try. If it doesn’t work out, we learn from that. Our physical does not emerge knowing how to do everything. We remember some aspects our Souls bring with us. Other physical skills are developed through trial and error. Some of us just need to learn a bit quicker than others.

Image: Tambako The Jaguar

When you become comfortable in your lifestyles, the urgency to re-learn and remember who you really are can be cast aside as an inconvenience. You adopt other’s beliefs, ideas, habits and fears because it is ‘easier’.

It’s not easier. That is simply a survival technique developed by those with the luxury of not needing true survival techniques anymore.

All those adopted aspects and characteristics will make life more uncomfortable the longer they are embraced. Release them and stay true to you, your beliefs, your ideas, your purpose and even your fears. You have your own lessons and the quicker you learn them, the quicker you will become the wholesome and existent You; energetically and physically. The Whole Human.

Let others feel the real You when You walk in a room.”


Donkey Realm Message

“It’s not about hiding from your emotions.

You can’t.  You disconnect.

It’s not about hiding from each other.  

You can’t.  You disconnect.

It’s not about hiding.

You are only hiding from yourself.  From what you don’t want to feel or face.

It’s the process of getting to know who you are that sends you into those hidden holes.  It’s the pain, realisation, questions (or rather the fear of the answers), and all that goes with the budding and blooming into who you are, that makes you want to hide and protect yourself.

When you realise hiding and resting are so different, you will feel whether you are in denial and disconnecting, or connecting and processing.

Then you can consider why you hide and/or what you need to process.

When you were happy, totally, with who you are, what you stand for, your beliefs, everything about you, you would not hide from anyone or anything.  You’d be ready to show YOU to the world.

Please remember when you go through this, you have Us.  All of Us and any of Us. 

Whether you are drawn to us here in the Donkey Realm, a beloved family member, the Ocean, another human being, the Sun, your bed, the Forests, whether an individual or collection of beings, All are here to be with you and sit with you to allow and enable you to release.

Offer them what you need and be open to receive what they have to offer. 

An emotional, supportive exchange is the most powerful, effective and valuable of exchanges.

Feel it – the exchange.  It will shift you, your energy and positioning here.           

That energy shift will realign you, with yourself, like a line of sight aligns with a target.  You will come together.

The effects of your shift will be felt.  When re-aligned you will feel freer, more channelled and focussed.  Things will ‘flow’ and there will be a sense of “It’s OK”.  This is the other side of that painful processing.  The light within the dark.

It will feel like a clear path, familiar path, safe path and you will walk it with more ease, with a knowing strength and confidence.

Find strength through your discomfort knowing what awaits from your clearing.  Know that this realignment brings you more in focus with that light within you.

That knowing is that light.  Even in your darkest moments, connect with that light.  See and feel it within you.  As near, or as far as it is, connect with it.  Remember that light, your light is your knowing.  They are One.  They are You.  They are within you and grow together, with you.”


Is Yoga good for me?

Is it right for me to reduce pain if it is teaching me something?

We need to support our physical self as equally as our mental, spiritual and emotional selves.

There are tools to assist us with this.  These tools help our physical, mental and emotional bodies recover, strengthen, grow and evolve as equally as our spiritual. 

We don’t need to struggle during this process.  It’s not about suffering in our emotions, it’s about being aware of them, spending time with them, processing them and releasing them.

We can support our physical bodies when they alert us to an issue.  We can support our body to repair itself and heal, alongside our emotional and mental healing.

It’s Holistic support.

Differentiate the cause from the symptoms and signs.  Treat the cause while supporting the body to relieve the symptoms.

If the cause is left unattended or ignored the signs and symptoms will continue in order to bring awareness to it.

Consider where your focus is to discover the causes of your physical discomforts: 

Do you continuously take on other’s burdens?

By allowing yourself to carry the weight of others and their issues, you are ‘carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders’.  Be aware of any shoulder and upper back discomfort in your body. 

If you continue to feel unsupported in life – by others, your environment, yourself – you may begin to feel discomfort in your back and skeletal system.  What, who or where is your support in life, holding you up and together?

Each pain, ache, injury or illness is an ‘X’ marking a point of exploration, declaring “search here”. 

Brief interlude for a very basic but relevant, interesting science lesson. 

Science has shown how little chemical proteins, Neuropeptides, are released throughout our bodies with emotions and thought.  Each thought and emotion has a Neuropeptide and every Neuropeptide has a function.  Our emotional and mental state of being determines which ones are released.

The type of protein entering our physical body is directly related to what, or rather how, we think and feel.  

Positive thoughts and feelings such as happiness, love, empowerment and contentment signal our body to release feel-good proteins.  

Ego-based thoughts and feelings such as anger, fear, judgement and stress call on the proteins assigned to securing survival.  It’s an instinctive call-to-arms for our body which is not an issue if it’s for that specific moment of survival.  To exist long-term in survival mode, whatever the trigger, means the body is continually secreting these Neuropeptides which causes distress and disease in the physical functioning of the body.  Our thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical well-being.

Just one happy thought will literally create more happiness within you.  More anger literally creates more anger, and so on.

The longer the secretion of a particular protein has been happening, the more effect it will have on the physical body so repairing and rebalancing it can take time, depending on how long you have been in that emotional or mental state of being (not just aware of it). 

A very common trigger, stress, is a major influence in modern day humanity.  It has become the new normal.  It has become an acceptable level at which to exist.  As previously mentioned, it is, in reality, a state of survival, not living.  More and more people are surviving, not living.

Few people seem overly perplexed if they are stressed or see others living with stress.  It’s part of being human, right? 


It needs to be questioned and investigated by those living with it and amongst it.

When did it become ‘normal’ to live with this as normal? 

Many people accept the two-week holiday break, that pause in their busyness, as something they deserve for their hard work. 

Why do some freely accept, and others even think they deserve stress and to ‘be’ stressed?  

We are not stress.  We have stress in our lives as a trigger for resolution, not as a constant. 

We pressure ourselves to push beyond our limits.  We’re physical beings, it’s time we all fully accepted and embraced that instead of expecting more. 

We have an abundance on this planet to provide for us, to offer shelter, security and nurture us yet still we seek more, develop more, crave more and convince ourselves we need more. We’re constantly pushing for more, whether it’s from our self or from others. 

This need for more is the foundation for much of our stress.  This false, ever-increasing, infinite concept of needing has replaced contentment, satisfaction, gratitude and happiness.  We have retrained and reset our mind-set to believe this concept and it needs to be urgently realigned.

  • What do you think you need
  • Do you really need it?
  • Why do you think you need it?
  • Who do you think you need it for? 
  • Is it to benefit your life or to impress on another’s?

What you seek; if found, will it enhance your contentment, happiness, your love of being you or will it bring overload, stress, unhappiness for just a brief moment of satisfaction?  Will the happy Neuropeptides outlast the unhappy Neuropeptides or vice-versa?

It’s about the long-term shift.  Creating that shift in humanity by serving ourselves a big dose of happy Neuropeptides through self-awareness, happiness and gratitude mixed in with a lot of love and more.

Utilising tools such as yoga, meditation, exercise, time in nature, creativity, hugging and simply communicating offer support and methods to strengthen our physical body while we process and release from another – emotional or mental.

The function of these tools and substances such as medication and pain relief, as temporary supports for our body, differs vastly from utilising them as a ‘cure’.  To ease a symptom while processing the cause is very different to relying on substances and tools to fix it.

Drugs, supplements, equipment, techniques or anything that ‘blocks’ also disconnects.  It creates a disconnection to what is happening within us.  The cause continues to exist, growing in intensity, while we become unaware, learn to forget or distance ourselves from it because the signs and symptoms have been blocked from alerting us to the ‘X’ which marks the spot of investigation.  We anaesthetise ourselves from our physical body’s natural warning system.  We disconnect one part of ourselves from another part, like hanging up the phone when hearing something upsetting or that makes us uncomfortable.

Keep the lines of communication open between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  

Become aware of sensations within your own energy fields:

  • physical pain and illness,
  • emotional sadness and joy,
  • mental focus and depression,
  • spiritual ‘gut feelings’ and ‘insights’.

They are all aspects, essences of you, working together to support, empower, nurture and encourage your growth.

Allow them to communicate between each other and listen, be aware, of what they have to share.

Support and honour each of your energetic bodies, individually and equally, to support and honour everything and every-one you are. 

Utilise all the tools offered for your healing, whether it’s Yoga with Kassandra, playing music, singing, meditating, supplements or otherwise. 

Don’t expect a fix when you embrace these offerings.  They can’t, and won’t heal you but they will support your healing. 

Only you can heal you.


Bee Smart

“Buzzing of the mind.  The busy-ness of it all.  Rest it and enjoy the sweetness of life’s offerings.  We (the bees) work hard but all need to stop to appreciate that work, what we have done and the benefits it offers. 

If we remain in a state of busy-ness we do not appreciate our efforts, the efforts of others and all the opportunities those efforts bring us.

When your mind becomes too busy, rest in your hive.  Create a space for you to ‘close off’ and release that busy-ness for as long, or as short, a while that you need.

Be assertive in creating that time and space, then use it for that purpose.

Work so that your mind can rest.  Set boundaries for yourself and keep them.  Honour them and stay true to them.  In doing so, you bring benefit to you, your life and all those in your life: Your team.

Give yourself time that is not busy to enjoy those things that make your life sweeter.  When you nourish your life, you bring sweetness to the world, which will then nourish the lives of others.

We did not come here to be busy. We came here to be productive. 

Filter and prioritise your tasks.  Are they necessary or distractions?  If a distraction, why do you feel you need it?  Analyse and effect your time and tasks.  Cut out the distracting busy-ness to acknowledge time for you.

You can create time.

Replenish your energetic efforts, when working, with nourishing activities and time.

Balance the time spent flying around chaotically with time spent on the ground.  Busy-ness is the flight, grounding is the balance.  Your physique is not designed to be in the air.  Ground yourself and feel your presence where you are designed to be.  There you will energise yourself and others.  There you will find your balance.

Feel your vibrations, your life force.  Feel the buzzing of life inside you, in your gut.  Feel the excitement you felt as a child to new experiences.  The wonder of discovery and adventures.

Allow the buzz of your life force to be happy, excited and in awe, uninhibited like as a child prior to conditioning, self-judgement and pre-analytical days.  Reconnect with that innocence and child-like purity, then feel yourself and the world through that existence. 

From this space, the wonders of the world become clearer to us all.  Feel your hearts and eyes become aware of the beauty in All and everything.”


Claim your Experience*

* No terms or conditions apply. This article will explain how to claim your own, free experience…..

No two beings have the same experience. Ever.

This may be stating the obvious to many but it’s not always fully understood by us all and leads to many misunderstandings, creating personal, local and global conflict.

Take experiences such as trauma, disease, grief, depression or even a trip to the dentist as examples.  The event may be identical in its occurrence, the chemical process in the physical body may be identical with the progression of the disease, illness or trauma, but the experience will differ vastly between each being. 

It’s akin to the way a road trip will take you to the same destination as the other passengers, and you’ll be visiting the same locations en route, but the experiences and memories will be unique to each person on that trip. 

The emotional and psychological processing of any life experience will be as unique and individual to a being as the being themselves.  It is as unique to another as anything you will experience in your own life.  The only one fully understanding what is being triggered, processed and released by that experience is the one involved in, attached and committed to, that experience.

Our individual energetic layers create, and proact and react to, the experience on a level pivotal to ourselves, for our experience.  This enables an individual’s lesson, teaching, wisdom and growth. 

By fully experiencing and growing as an individual, functioning part of the whole, we energise the whole.  We rediscover how we do not need to experience for another, instead we experience with each other.

Someone may empathise and understand your event or whatever your experience is.  You may understand theirs and have knowledge of the same.

Someone may understand the science and have personal knowledge of your diagnosis, but what you experience in your personal energy fields is your experience.  It is formed by your own emotions, your feelings and all that is relevant to your own journey.  It is what lays the foundations of your path. 

It is so important for each of us to remember this and understand how our own lessons and techniques to process, deal, cope and journey through each experience cannot be and are not meant to be transferred to, or replicated by, others.  We must each do what we need for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self and remember to respect another who is doing the same. 

This intermingles with the message many animals have shared previously regarding not comparing our journey with that of another, to not compare our processing with that of another and to stay true to our own journey and stay on our own path.

As with everything, this personal journey also applies to those struggling with events on a global scale.  How another being experiences global shifts in humanity, planetary shifts, etc. is a very personal journey. 

The current clash of opinions, personalities, beliefs and fears within humanity is a testament to how many have forgotten to respect and acknowledge another’s personal journey. 

It’s highlighting how the fears and beliefs of one is being transferred onto another in the hope they will understand.

We cannot fully understand what we don’t experience.  We are not ‘experiencing’ another’s experience, only our version of that. 

We are here to guide and assist each other as we hold space for our own experiences.

When we truly realise that, and practise that fully, we rediscover a peace in release.

We are being reminded to share our knowledge, to understand and empathise but refrain from trying to mend or repair something when we don’t know what we are fixing.

How we personally process the same events, illnesses, trauma etc. cannot be stamped onto another’s experience otherwise we are taking away the learning and understanding from that being. 

Pass others the tools they need.  Offer them time, knowledge or anything else we have in our own supplies to assist but allow them the actual task of repair and recovery themselves.

Do not self-inflict a need to explain, apologise, conform or adapt to another’s processing technique, timeframe or road to recovery.  In doing so, you are not honouring the gift(s) your experience brings you.   

Remember, also, to stay true to how you need to experience any challenge that enters your life.  Stay strong, and in a place of love and compassion, if another feels the need to bring your experience into theirs or vice-versa.  Own the experience that has been given to you.  It is a tool for your own growth, as much as the breath you inhale offers you life. 

Enjoy claiming your unlimited, free life experiences.

World Animal Day Message

On World Animal Day today, and what would have been our beautiful Ethel’s birthday, I connected in to ask The Animals:

“What is it this World needs to hear from the Animals who live here with us humans?”
They shared:

You asked what ‘this World’ needs to hear. We tell you this because the World begins within you. To share one message that resonates with billions of others is too sweeping.

You transfix yourselves on subjects of unnecessary focus and then miss what is important to you. Is this a conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious action of distraction?

Only you will know.

Connect in with what resonates with you inside.

You are drawn to some things and not others, not because you are ‘wrong’, ‘different’ or weird’, but because what your World needs to bloom is different from someone else’s World.

Every inch of this planet’s surface is unique, every particle of soil, every plant, every micro-organism and every bug.
Every cell and every particle of energy of you, your World, is different from everyone else. Honour your individuality and feed it what it needs. Nurture your garden, your planet.

Remember how ‘many droplets make up the Ocean’?
Remember how these droplets are as individual as the Whole?
Yes, the chemical make-up resonates through them all but the energy within each is individual.
When combined, they create each moment, each wave, each spray and every tidal movement of the whole Ocean.
If each droplet attempted to be like the ones around it, there would be confusion and chaos.
Through each droplet knowing and being itself, the Ocean ebbs and flows with purpose and synchronicity.

We flow the same, us animals. Our Ocean is just more solid than that of the droplets.

We become One when we become who we are.
As individuals, we fulfil the All.

Each of our energies brings the flow of life and death: Existence.

We feed, nurture, honour and respect ourselves, our own World, to create a purposeful and focussed greater World.

Remember you are as individual as you are part of the Whole. Through knowing and being yourself, you bring flow to the whole World.
We all bring purpose to that flow, bringing direction and synchronicity.
Like each note in a piece of music, as one we harmonise.

Avoid the distractions other’s worlds are offering. You will neglect your own.
An animal who becomes transfixed on a distraction loses sight of vital signs and information.”

Holistic Heart Healing

A celebratory day created to bring people’s awareness to their heart health, World Heart Day focusses on physical measures to improve the health of our hearts.

World Heart Day also creates a great opportunity to focus on our heart health via alternative avenues of awareness.  It brings an awareness to the foundations of well-being that bring about physical wellness from our inner, invisible energetic fields of existence.

When our heart ‘jumps for joy’, when we experience ‘heart-breaking’ sadness or hear ‘heart-warming’ stories of other’s achievements, we become aware of the emotions at our heart centre.  We reconnect with our heart and emotions with the assistance of these events and experiences.

The energy created from those ‘heart-touching’ experiences ripples out from our sensitive, invisible energy fields into our physical, visible and tangible energy fields.

Physical activities undoubtedly enhance our lives and are great tools to assist our physical bodies become the best they are.  By becoming more aware of what we consume, whether it’s food, stimuli, social interaction etc. we will bring benefits to our physical being. 

Regimes such as dieting, exercise, discussion, and learning, however, will never help us completely improve our heart health if we don’t also connect in with and feel what our heart feels.  What we feel.

We are our heart.

If we are sad within our heart centre, that energy will flow within and around us. If we are happy, happiness will follow the same process.  Any pain we carry within our heart centre will ripple from that core of who we are, resonating within us and out to All around us.

We can easily allow ourselves to become that sadness, anger and imbalance rather than allow the emotion to flow and use that trigger as a tool for healing.

Checking in on our heart health can be a very simple, yet confronting and challenging process.  When we feel ourselves at this pure level of energy, we can feel vulnerable, exposed and fearful because we are faced with who, and how, we truly are.  Sometimes we don’t feel ready to face that but remembering the sooner we do, the sooner we heal can be a great stimulus to do so.

The healing from connecting and processing at heart level heals us holistically.  It is an emotional, mental and physical healing.  We are offering ourselves a strong, profound and thorough health check as opposed to a quick-fix emotional plaster or painkiller.

Please take a moment, at least today, to check in on your own heart health. Honestly feel what condition it is in – what condition you are in.
Take a moment to feel how you do.
Be grateful for that connection, with yourself and any understanding you receive from it.

You don’t always need to analyse what you feel, just allow yourself time with your emotions in your heart centre.  Understanding will come when you are ready.  Try not to block yourself from the feelings when any fears arise (fear of pain, hurt, sadness, not understanding, judgement etc.)

Just be with your true self for a moment.

The Alignment of Higher Self and Ego

Are they the so-called Good and Evil, Dark and Light, Right and Wrong?

“They are your guides for your Soul. Listen to both and hear their guidance but don’t become them while in Physical Human form.

You are not your Higher Self Incarnate.

It is your Soul who incarnated to be in an Human. When you return to Spirit, you reconnect with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self offers you glimpses of knowledge and insight for you to learn with and grow with while being an Human.

Your Higher Self offers understanding of lessons learnt.

Light to guide you.

You are not your Ego.

That is your Human Litmus. For you to utilise to learn. Your trigger warning system in-built into your Physical Human.

Your Ego offers you reactions to encounters, with people and situations, for you to learn with.

When you return to Spirit, your Ego stays with the Physical and returns to Earth.

Ego and Higher Self are doing their own ‘thing’, their own work while harmonising with each other. For you and All.

What is Ego love?

It is a love of being our emotions, our struggles, our challenges, our reactions, our anger, our fears, our doubts, our desires, our addictions and so much more.

It is a love of being all those without wanting to leave them.

It is a love where we want to exist within, and as them.

It is a love where we disconnect ourself from our path.

It is a love where we take a seat at the side of the road and watch all go by.

What is Higher Self Love?

It is also a disconnected love.

It is a love where we want to remove ourself from our human experience.

It is a love where we disconnect ourself from who we came to be in this lifetime.

It is a love where we want to disconnect ourself, and therefore deny ourself, of all the lessons our ego wants to bring us.

It is a love where we deny ourself the lessons and growth associated with humanness.

It is a love where we try to avoid emotions, interactions, pain, Love, happiness and community.

It is a love where we miss essential experiences for our Soul’s growth.

So… What do we do?

Hear the Call of the Harmony which is Higher Self and Ego.

Bring them equally into this lifetime for a balanced, fuller growth experience.

Allow yourself to be held and guided in Equilibrium.

Observe if one is stronger than the other.

Consider if you’re denying one, or seeking one: Find that beautiful balance.

These two ‘opposites’ work the same. They are not so different, after all. They do not battle each other, they just do their own thing for the good of you.

Recognise the work they are doing for you, and your Soul will blossom.”


Sea Turtle Insight

Image: Laszlo Ilyes

A strong, determined, charming, wise and gentle being shared some insight on World Sea Turtle Day, today.

A huge ‘grandfather’ energy joined me when I asked the Sea Turtle Realm if they would like to share anything today.

His first words were,

Sea Turtle …… See the Turtle.  We are not past.  We are here and we are very much a part of your future, too.”

Surprised at the request for a communication, Turtle shared he “Just wanted to be heard. Isn’t that what we all want? Just because we are ‘down here’. ‘out here’ and are often not seen, it does not leave us invisible.

That is the same for all.

Our voices are clear and loud to those who are here. Also for those who know how to listen and hear what is not being said, verbally, in their physical locality.”

Turtle continued:  “Why rush?

What you need to encounter, your experiences, the ‘whos’, ‘whats’ and ‘wheres’ will wait. They will all be there when you need them to be and when the time coincides with why you need them. All the speed in the world won’t affect those interactions, those moments of connection and the synchronicities aligned to you.

Be graceful on your journey to and through these experiences.  Show kindness, humility and temperance.  You will have clarity and contrast, for you to appreciate and bathe in life’s experiences and events, rather than skim across them unaware and unaffected.

We are all soldiers.  In a Peace Army, for peace does not come passively.  That is a subdued peace.

Real peace, inner peace is an active process.  Stability comes from following the active peace process and movement.  We are an army, gentle and focussed, operating to manoeuvre those towards a vibration of peace.

We command ourselves.  We manoeuvre ourselves.  For we operate with trust for each other.

We trust and honour our fellow soldiers, that they are capable, purposeful, honourable and motivated as much as ourselves.

That is what Humanity will learn from us.

Observe our example.  Be empowered by your observations and subsequent connections.  When you truly observe, you connect.  You understand, and then a part of you connects with a part of us.

Observation is more than just looking at us.  It is a focussed seeing.  It is an untouched, combined experience.

You become a part of that moment with us.  It becomes your experience and a specific moment in your lifetime with us. That is a connection.  You see us and are with us, no longer indifferent to our existence.

Those observations and connections will bring you into your present.  While in that shared experience, you are not concerned with your past or worried about your future.

You are experiencing the now.

That is ‘being alive’.

That is why we are here, to fully BE.

It will also bring you awareness and empathy for more than yourself and your immediate existence. New worlds will be seen through fresh eyes.

Your re-assessed pace of existence will bring depth and dimension to moments unlike before.

Feel yourself leap out of your 2D page into a multi-dimensional adventure.  Your vibration will ripple and echo to be heard and felt by distant observers.

It is an exciting time to be changing with the shift in vibrational existence. It is a challenging shift so bathe in the possibilities of this deeper, wider yet subtle energy whose gentleness must not be underestimated or under-rated. Become as gentle as the energy to fully participate in her endeavour and be fully submersed in the energetic shift.

We are a kind race.  Find the kindness in yours, too.