Insight from the Cow Community

“There will be many questions raised through this insight.

We are inquisitive creatures.  We see, we feel and we make use of all that we learn.  We don’t have all the answers, which is one of the reasons why we connect with you.  You must search for new knowledge and the knowledge you already have.  Let us, and others know what you discover, rediscover and learn.

Remember that we ask these questions and bring our messages with love. Without judgement or hate.  If we were to bring them with anger, hatred and frustration, you would not receive what you need to feel, hear and understand.  It would only create conflict, fear and more of the same energy.
By bringing our messages in love and peace, that love and peace is received by you, felt, absorbed and paid forward by you.

When you are ready to share our messages, share them as you would want to receive them, no matter who you offer them to.  If your perspective differs from that of the recipient, still offer the message with love and compassion so the doors of communication remain open.  Hatred and judgement will close the doors of hearts and minds.  Love and compassion bring light and openness.

It is still OK to be upset and feel all your emotions, but process them yourself.  Don’t bundle them into a package to send with our/your messages.  Your emotions are there to help you grow, no-one else.”

The strength of the bond between a cow and another is strong.  They trust deeply, love unconditionally, nurture, grieve, lead and honour each other.

Cows are very giving and patient.  So why are they one of the most exploited, disregarded, abused, disrespected and unseen species throughout many societies?

Could it be that these animals, with their complex digestive system, are here to help us ‘digest’ what we need to process?  Just as they do.

The Cow Community graciously explained:

“Because we are peaceful. We are complicit in what we need to do.  We are unwavering and objectionable.”

Part of their response surprised me.  I asked them to confirm I heard ‘objectionable’ correctly.

“Yes.  We bring you, to expose, what is unpleasant or wrong.  We raise objections from all perspectives.

Each ‘wrong’ perspective highlights a ‘right’.

There are those who are asked to connect with and understand us as sentient beings, there are others who are asked to asked to witness the industries’ truths and then there are those who are asked to see beyond that and understand why we are volunteering and allowing ourselves to die en-masse.

We bring objections from all corners of society because everyone will object to something concerning our involvement in the farming environment.

Those who are asked to understand and ‘see’ us as sentient beings are sometimes not ready to process what is unseen.  Discomfort is created as their beliefs are questioned and comfort zones messed with.  Some of these people are here, purely, to work in those industries.  Others are here to provide a conflicting perspective, for others, to encourage discussion and learning. Whatever their purpose, they are all here to help initiate the friction and unbalance necessary for change.

Those who help us swiftly through our purpose, we thank you.  You have seen and understand, fully, our purpose.  Those who are not assisting us compassionately, we ask you to remove yourself from ego-living and search, honestly, for your purpose.  You will then understand another’s.

Those people who are not ready to ‘see’ us as sentient beings, we ask you to gently begin your connection with us.  Allow yourself to feel that connection, and whatever emotions it brings with it.  Release guilt, shame, regret or anything which no longer serves its purpose.  The learning has been done and you have time to make a significant change to your life, other lives and your planet.

Those who are connecting with us and recognise us as sentient beings will view the industries we are here to highlight, for change, as unpleasant and wrong.  They consider those who work in these industries, how we are treated and our deaths as wrong because they are seeing, only, our exploitation.  It is time for these people to begin connecting with the ‘bigger picture’ of what we are here for and support us with our purpose.  Redirect your energies to assisting us.  We need strength, not pity.

A difficult concept for many to understand and accept is that the existence of these intensifying industries is required at this moment in humanity’s growth.  Because these industries are currently required, it means our deaths are currently needed and the abuse is particularly required.  At this present moment, all that is occurring and those who are bringing it, including ourselves, are here for a reason.  It is necessary for change.  One day we will not need to do this, but for now we do.

“WRONG” [Adjective]:   Not correct, not true, immoral or dishonest.

It is right, for this moment, for us to be here and highlight these industries otherwise there will be no change to humanity and the balance if it all remains unseen and unquestioned.  Wrong would imply we are incorrect in doing this.  What we are doing is correct, it is moral and true.  We are correct in what we share with you.  If you approach it as wrong, then you negate all our efforts, trauma and lives.  However uncomfortable it makes you feel, it is honest, true and relayed with love.

There is much unpleasantness surrounding us and these industries because we are making many people face uncomfortable situations, environments and emotions.

Without judgement and with openness, please ask yourself:  ‘Am I uncomfortable with any of these aspects of the farming industries and/or humans involved, whether workers or those supporting the animals.  If I am, what is it I am uncomfortable with?’
Pinpoint the catalyst to your discomfort and then learn about it.

If your emotions are triggered at the concept of us as sentient beings, ask yourself why?

  • What is it you don’t want to hear?
  • Why don’t you want to hear it?
  • What is it you’re being asked to consider?
  • Are your beliefs feeling challenged or confirmed?
  • What questions are being raised for you?

If your emotions are being triggered by the industries, themselves, why is that?

  • What is it, exactly, that is stirring your emotions?
  • Have you fully informed yourself and made yourself aware of what happens within those industries?
  • Have you considered it from the animal’s Soul perspective?

Shift your objections to the personal, detailed level.  Maintaining a general objection is ineffective, vague and diluted.

Never fear asking questions to find answers.

If you do fear, what is it you fear: the question or the answer?

If it’s the question you fear, you will never discover knowledge to evolve.
If it is the answer you fear, then you already know the answer.

Work with your own herd to grow.
We cows ask questions to help us understand your species.  Often, your conflicted ideologies leave us unaware of your motives towards us.

The industries, in their current form, disconnect us from opportunities which were previously available to us where we could connect with the humans involved, those who were killing us.  That connection was very important to us.  We now remain unseen and unheard and experience betrayal from those proclaiming to ‘love’ us and care for us.  How can they love us with no connection experienced between us?  They may feel love, but it is not for us, only for what we provide for them.  There is a disconnection from love towards us to protect themselves from any ‘threat’ of change.
Change is OK.  The process of change often hurts but it is brave.  It takes strength to change and courage to create an environment of change.

We understand so much of our own existence: our purpose, the reasons for our purpose, what we are here to highlight, what is happening and our assistance to humanity.  Our purpose has been chosen by us and our ‘mission’ explained.  It is the reasons why this is happening that we don’t all understand.  Why do humans need to consume us, and other animals, so intensely and en-masse.  We ask, so you may ask yourself, do you understand why other animals are needing to incarnate simply for your consumption?
We do not want to be born just to die.  Why would we?

It’s your thought processes which are yours alone, unknown to us, which we wish to understand.  Help us to understand by understanding it yourselves for what it is, not what you are led to believe it is.  Through your own understanding, you bring global understanding.  We are all on this planet to learn and grow together.

While humanity exists within the confines and restrictions of thought processing, there will be a pause in the evolvement of your species, which will affect us all.  Conflict arises between what you know, as a Spiritual Being, and what you think you know, as a Physical Being.  While you remain conflicted as an individual, you will remain conflicted as a species for you are one of many.  The human species will remain in that vibration which will ripple through to the whole planet.  By beginning to question and realise your own beliefs, you will resolve that internal conflict between what you feel (actually know) and what you think (think you know).  Your vibration will then rise and so will that of your species and this planet.

If you would like to discover answers, this exercise in perspective may help.  Again, approach this openly and non-judgmentally.  We are learning together.

Look at us. What do you see?

A cow?
A mother?
A meal?
A Being?

Look at us and feel. What do you feel?

A connection?

Does what you are seeing connect with what you are feeling?  Any conflict you feel between these is an imbalance, which exists at an individual level and radiates out to species level.

Images of us dying en-masse during drought, bushfires, floods, hurricanes and disease, are upsetting for many humans.  Consider why emotions are triggered during those events and why you want to help us when you see us suffer during those events.  Remember those feelings.  That is empathy, the moment when you are truly connecting with us.  Maintain that connection with us in all environments.  That is the nature of humans, to care for and love all others.

Continue to question why you feel sadness and compassion when we die outside the environment of the farming industry and feel disconnection or nothing when we die within the industry.  Why is there no reaction, emotion or connection to that industry-related death?  We were alive.  Please consider that.

We remind you, these questions come without judgement.  It is what we see, but don’t always understand.  We question to seek answers.

It is black and white for us.  Is it for you?  If not, it’s time to make it that simple.  Is there a part of one of us in your meal today?  In your coffee?  Could I have lived or did you need me?  It really is simple but human belief patterns have been complicated and contaminated by thought processes.  Return to what you feel.  Consider where your belief patterns came from.  Where they through your own search for knowledge or are they repeated/acquired beliefs patterns?

As we mentioned before, work with the triggers of your emotions for your own understanding and growth.  By passing them on to another, whether it’s anger, frustration or otherwise, you will not find answers, you will only create more anger and frustration in the world.

As individual as your journey is, so is ours.  We, each, have our own agenda and purpose within the ‘bigger picture’.

Ravens on being a totem

Asking the Raven Community near my home what they felt about the significance humans place on their species when seeing and interacting with them, they shared what being labelled as Totems meant to them:

“You humans are a funny bunch.  Getting so hung up on how we look rather than who we are.  Yes, we do choose to approach you as a certain ‘type’ if we know that is how we can reach you, but not all humans connect like that, just as we don’t all connect with you as simply ‘a Raven’.

Our ultimate goal is to connect one-on-one, as all species do, to live like that.

For now, we will meet you as it suits you, for humans have many fears towards us, other species and each other.

What is unknown can be seen as a threat in the minds of humans. You have forgotten to feel before you think.  Rather, you have forgotten to connect with that feeling.  It is still there but is easily, and often, buried.  You have decided logical thought is more necessary to survival than instinct.  Please reconsider this. Instinct is your connection with all.  Your connection with the energy we all are, are a part of, and exist within.

The two aspects, and qualities, of logic and instinct can co-exist.  They are here so that they can.

Depending on what you are experiencing depends on what aspect/quality you require the most, but combine them to ‘get’ the whole situation.

Never allow yourself to ‘think away’ instinct.

What we mean is:  If you have considered a situation in your life, logically, and it feels good, accept it as part of your path.  If you consider the same situation logically but something unsettles you without explanation, don’t think those feelings away or bury them with thought processes.  Follow the feeling.  The reasons will become clear once you acknowledge and honour your instinct and decision.

We are all given little ‘quizzes’ by those who guide us.  They are not really tests, but more a means to allow our guides to see how we are travelling with trusting our intuition/connection/gut (whatever you recognise it as).  If we are challenged with trusting that, and rarely follow those feelings and signs, we will be offered assistance to encourage that, which can come in the form of ‘totems’, ‘signs’ and ‘coincidences’.

One of many reasons other animals connect with humans as a particular species is to resonate with your heart centre.  When you see an animal you are fond of, or drawn to, you understand that species to hold certain characteristics which will reconnect and realign you with your energetic connection to all which comes from your heart centre.  It’s a bit like a reset.

Many years back, when we all lived with respect for each other and understood what each being brought to another, we lived in harmony.

Animals acknowledged and recognised the benefits, gifts and offerings to humanity and existence that sharing our knowledge and insight brought.

Humans, and other animals, connected one-on-one to communicate their needs and knowledge while also working species-with-species to achieve growth and unity.  There were still challenges but they were existential concerns.

The connections and recognition created between beings at that time still vibrate through existence today.

You still know of the insight brought to humans by particular species from those times, it’s just many now carry that in their subconscious.

When a need arises, now, you search for and find solace, comfort, knowledge and validation through that same species-to-species connection your ancestors experienced.

It is a long-forgotten remembering of bonds formed and forged by older generations which continue to exist on the consistent, eternal web for future generations to utilise.

So, how do we feel about humans labelling our species for Totem use?  They are the qualities of our species for humans to seek guidance with, not characteristics.  Characteristics are a personal concept.  Do not rely on what you see in us, as Totems, to ‘fix’ you but instead allow the qualities of our species to guide you.

We will offer ourselves, as a species and individuals, to help humans connect with what they are needing to, just as our ancestors helped yours.

Also please remember, and connect with us on, the one-on-one level our ancestors enjoyed.  You will learn much from that experience, too.  Just as your ancestors did.

We are grateful for the work they did, all those who came before us.  It is now our time to recreate that balance of species-with-species and one-on-one connections for future generations, as our ancestors did, so that harmony can be fully restored.”

Connect the Dots

The Animal Realm have requested that this insight be shared following a very determined dog’s journey to request a Communication session with me.

As per a spider’s complex physical creation, the energetic web, within which we are all connected, contains intersection points where the movement of energy flows. Pulses or flowing energies move along the thread of the web which has been shown to me as a 3D line map.

Along these threads, there are ‘points’ and intersections which are formed by us, time and places which connect all with each other as part of the thread.

We are within and a part of the thread, while also creating the form of the web.
We are as whole individually as we are a collective.

Recently, a dog in need of assistance reached out for a communication by setting off a chain of events which led to me. She opted to ‘join the dots’ and connect via points on the universal web, until she reached me.

This dog was one point of the web: Point A. She knew she could reach me via a person who existed further into the web so set about connecting the points to reach me and share her message.

Bear with me….
Point B was this dog’s person and this dog knew that Point C, one of Point B’s family members, had a friend I knew, Point D. So she instigated an incident which sent a ripple to those points in the web which connected her with me, Point E. This signal was picked up by all points involved so this determined dog could get her message from Point A through to Point E to be shared.

Many animals use this method and create ‘coincidences’ or what we see as random meetings. Ripples, or signals, are sent out to one or numerous points and connect people to people, people to places and/or people to animals, and vice-versa. How they get there can appear mind-boggling sometimes but, when broken down, so simple.

It is a method many humans have forgotten but is still available to us all. By sending out our own ripple of energy, we can connect and communicate non-verbally.

Our species has already begun it’s shift towards this communication method and more people than ever are being labelled with ‘social behaviour disorders’.
Maybe these people are already connecting the dots like other animal species, we just can’t see them doing it.

It will take time, generations and a lot of practise for us all to focus our energy as clearly as our animal companions and some humans already do but we will get there.

Sending lots of loving energy out into the web. Can you feel it?

Willow’s Wisdom

Willow joined the expanding tribe at Love and Nature Healing Retreat with her sister, Spirit, where she balanced her life between being a wild dog and a domesticated companion.

Following her recent Transition, Willow wanted to share some insight, so that we could understand and learn from her experience.

Willow had become increasingly unhappy as she struggled with her own choice to fulfil a life which disconnected her from her purpose.  Her Transition was unexpected, for her human tribe, but a conscious choice when she chose to make it happen.

Willow shared a conflicted energy when we connected following her Transition.  She had been on an emotional rollercoaster, torn between her physical wants and her Soul’s needs.

Her Soul wanted to stay wild, raising and teaching the young of her own species as wild dogs.  Also experiencing the love and safety offered by the humans and other animals at the Retreat, Willow felt conflicted.  The contrast between that safety and the survival risks for her young in the wild, meant Willow opted to compromise and stay within the retreat.

Attempting to ‘make it work’, Willow realised over time that she wasn’t wanting to, and couldn’t, fulfil her true purpose within that environment.  Willow showed me that the desire to stay as a domesticated companion was akin to a drug or addiction.  She shared how she couldn’t draw herself away from that love and safety even though it wasn’t her Soul’s purpose to stay at the Retreat.  Like any addiction, it silenced the constant conflict going on inside her so she ‘managed’.

Willow shared a fresh insight, how animals can hold fears on a physical level just as humans do.

Willow wasn’t experiencing and feeling other’s fears on an energetic level, then reacting to them.   She had developed conscious, thought-processed, physical fears.  So strong that they had drawn her away from what her Soul’s desires were.

That’s where Willow’s struggle grew from.  Feeling she had trapped herself, and out of options to balance the needs of her Soul and the wants of her physical, Willow opted to ‘check out’ so she could reset herself.

Willow wanted to highlight, with us all, the complexity we create when we wander or disconnect from our purpose.

We create struggles, challenges and unsettled energies around us because we are unsettled within.

There’s an unnecessary turmoil of emotions which we bring into our awareness.

When we have challenged emotions, we block and muddle our clear, focussed thought processes.  What we think we are aware of, we’re not.  We are actually clutching at a false reality that we have created to exist in, so that we can make ourselves think we are comfortable.  We convince ourselves we are comfortable and content but are merely surviving, not living a fulfilled existence.

By doing this, we are keeping ourselves locked in a very physical world.  We begin to exist only in the physical and gradually disconnect from ourselves at Soul Level.

Willow gave the analogy of having two friends to play with.  Our physical is one, our soul another.  We can play with both. Choosing one, based on the fear that choosing both may mean we upset or neglect one of them, is counter-productive.  Choosing both will bring us an Holistic existence with balance and fulfilment.  We can honour our Soul’s purpose and enjoy our physicality too.  That is why we are here, it is for our growth.

By moving away from what we really want at Soul Level, and distracting ourselves on a physical level, we engineer challenges.

When we connect our Soul’s Purpose into place, we become happy and fulfilled and find our physical needs are met.

Feed the Soul and our Physical will grow.
Feed the Physical and our Soul remains hungry.

Willow emphasised “It’s from within.  Everything is – our chaos and our calm.

We can use the fire within us as a beacon of light or allow it to destroy us.

So, how do we reconnect with our Purpose?
Willow asks you to ask yourself:

“What makes you feel alive and brings you real happiness, not a quick fix or gratification?
What fuels your fire?
What are you drawn to?
What resonates with you?

Where or what empowers you to immerse yourself so much that you feel you have lost your connection with the physical world? (You won’t by the way.)”

Willow also asked “Are you doing this, any aspect of this?
If so, go deeper and explore it more.
If not, why not?

Consider how you can reconnect with your purpose, not why you can’t, before it becomes too overwhelming and ‘too hard’.”

From the horses mouth

I had a visit from the horsing community last night whilst preparing my dinner.  Fortunately it was an energetically house call, as the small dimensions of my kitchen would have made any food preparation amongst an herd of horses very difficult.

The timing of this equine visit aligned with recent media exposure of the treatment of hundreds of racehorses in Australia.   For those unaware of the coverage, video footage has been shared publicly showing many horses, who have left the racing industry, being beaten and killed in Eastern Australia. The ABC documentary has left many people reacting and questioning, not only the industry but also those servicing the abattoirs.

Within the racing industry, laws have been broken.  Where this is occurring, racehorses are not legally allowed to be sent to slaughter.  There is supposed to be a system ensuring their care and safety in retirement.  Within the abattoirs, everything that is occurring is legal, but many people are questioning the morality of these deaths.  So what makes this so different to other animals being sent to slaughter?

Recent conversations with other horses and my dear friend, Catherine Louise Birmingham, have shown how horses are bringing a more raised awareness to humanity through the close relationship they share with humans.  Millions of humans are connecting with their fears and emotions through the assistance and guidance of horses.  Horses are, literally, working their way into our lives on so many levels: work, sport, social events, healing and companionship.

“People are associating with us. They see our strength, our beauty, our vitality and gracefulness.  They expect more for us.” 

Do we care more for these animals than others only because they have given to us?  They financially, emotionally and culturally contribute to our society. Do these factors increase our care factor and compassion for this species over others?

Horses have served and helped humans for generations.  They have quietly helped us evolve, physically and energetically, through understanding and guidance.  Shifts in perspective and deeper understanding are occurring, leaving an expired association in our relationship with horses that serves humanity no more.  We no longer need that level of servitude with animals.  We are entering a stage in our relationship where we will live as equal beings together.  It is time for humans to allow horses, and other species to go into retirement.  Their duties are done, it is now up to us to activate and action the knowledge they have shared, and are continuing to share.

My equine visitors shared how the qualities we admire in them, beauty, grace, speed and strength are not respected anymore.  We need to go back to that and connect with them again.

When different species live alongside each other, their life experience together is more intimate.  Through observation and events, they learn to understand and respect each other more clearly.  They witness each other’s emotions.  They see and feel each other’s pain, sadness, happiness, love and passion.  All that we experience, they do too.

When a species becomes part of an industry, a system manufacturing them specifically for human use and consumption, their financial value supersedes any emotional consideration from their manufacturer, distributor, retailer or anyone involved in the supply chain.  Those working in the industries disconnect from any trace of empathy.  They go into survival mode along with the animal they are processing.

These horses are acting as a vital link between humans and slaughtered animals.  They are bringing the connection of what really happens in an abattoir to many people and creating emotional triggers to encourage change.

Why someone reacts can only be answered by that person, but why are so many people reacting to this documentary?

Horses are sharing how they are being a bridge between domesticated and farmed animals.  “Our environment crosses these boundaries, our lives cross these boundaries”.  Humans care for and bond with horses.  Their strength, beauty and companionship is recognised.  Many humans associate with horses on an individual level.  We relate to them as beings differently to other industry-based species which is why the emotional attachment is stronger than with other species.  Because we see and feel their emotions through this bond, we also see and feel their pain and upset when they are mistreated and killed.  This may be why so many people have reacted very strongly to the footage in the ABC documentary.

We are taught form a very young age to disconnect, emotionally, from many farmed animals.  Our experiences with these animals are limited or filtered to minimise emotional bonding.

Many of us are taught that meat is a staple food source.  That we need it, as an human, to survive.  It is no surprise then, if we find ourselves connecting with our food source and questioning that relationship, we create a fear that our survival is under threat, so we emotionally disconnect again.  It becomes a cycle which continues generation through generation until we learn to stop and consider our belief systems, ceasing the process of disconnection.

These horses are here as our emotional conscience, reconnecting us to that emotional link we cut when we become disconnected.

National Flag, one of the horses featured in the ABC documentary, shared with me how he felt let down by those he considered family.  They were his herd.  He loved to run and understood that as his purpose.  He didn’t see this coming for him.  This gentle Soul explained in detail how some animals don’t enter a lifetime with the specific purpose of raising humanity’s conscience.  Some come to share lessons on a more personal level, others join what National Flag described as ‘a cause’.  The best way I can describe what he shared is like an human signing up for a cause that motivates them into action.  National Flag saw an opportunity to join others in this expose so he ‘signed up’.  He continued to patiently share how animals are sometimes recruited during a particular lifetime by other animals for a cause.  Like National Flag, they may not have necessarily entered that lifetime for that purpose but choose to sign up when approached, asked or advised of a cause by another animal.  These are brave, selfless beings who are seeing the ‘bigger picture.’  They are helping us to help ourselves so that we can then help others.  These lessons are coming in waves with each species, or lesson, being its own wave.  National Flag showed this particular cause looking like one of the many images of horses bonded with the sea, creating a large wave.

He said they will keep coming with an unfaltering energy, like a rugby scrum.  Because they are coming with, and from, a place of pure love, they will not tire.  Each cause will bring a change, a shift in perspective and understanding.  They need to come.  Humans will struggle because of the instilled belief systems which have developed through many generations which now require adjusting.

The wise sage, Lee, wanted to share with me how horses are helping to open our hearts, which we have closed from the hurt experienced through these shifts and events.  He shared that we have desensitised ourselves and will never heal if we carry on this way.  It is up to us to use that pain created during our connection to these animals, bring it up to the surface and ‘fix’ it.  Burying it deep inside will infect us.  We will fester and die, as individuals and a species.  Lee shared how we have, as a species, learnt how to bury whatever hurts us and it is now rotting us at our core.  He confirmed what National Flag and the other horses had shared by saying that those who are bringing this to the surface are here to help humanity.  The humans involved will be feared, so many people will react by trying to stop them but it is not them we are fearing, only what they are making us feel and experience.  Lee asks us to take our focus off the catalyst and direct it into ourselves.  An analogy Lee has shared with me and others, previously, showed fear as a splinter.  The longer we leave it unattended, the deeper we allow it to bury itself within us and the more infected we become.  Our body ceases to function fully while it fights the foreign object inside us.  Fear is that foreign object.  Those who are helping dig that splinter out create an uncomfortable experience for us while retrieving it but that pain is temporary.  Once removed, we begin to heal and function fully when our body has nothing to fight against.

We are being shown more detailed imagery of animal cruelty, abuse and killings to enable and empower us into action.  By getting angry, upset and frustrated, we are being triggered into questioning our belief system.  Through understanding what has caused an emotion, we can begin to process and release it from within, rather than focus our emotions to external situations and people.

Interestingly, the horses shared how we must not treat those working in the industries to our anger and pain.  A very challenging perspective for many, the horses shared how those working within these industries have disconnected so that they can ‘bring this to life’.  National Flag confirmed this by saying that he doesn’t blame them.  He shared how “they are bringing this lesson to the many”.  All these horses, and many other species, want these systems to be exposed.  They asked us “Don’t stop it”.  What is happening will, otherwise, go underground.

The horses want to keep the momentum going to keep it alive and therefore, through change, keep them alive.

My visitors asked that we keep exposing what we are given.  People’s minds will understand when they are ready and that is when change will happen.

“Seeing is believing”.
What we are shown forms our belief patterns.  We have been shown what the animal industries want us to believe so by witnessing what is actually happening, belief systems adjust to bring a new level of understanding and compassion for these animals.
The ABC documentary is connecting us with, and highlighting so much.  We are being shown to question our beliefs on consumption, speciesism, food sources, excess, greed, treatment and expectation.
We are being shown that money is not security.  Wealth does not guarantee anything in life, including life itself.
We are being asked to consider how one being can treat another that way, regardless of species.
We are, again, being asked to assess our life choices and impact on all that is around us.  The higher our demands for the products these industries, or any industry, create, they more the industries grow.  It’s a simple solution of choosing to cease buying into it and only utilise what we need for our purpose and existence.  Without demand, the supply will cease.

I remember being asked over thirty years ago “What is the point of you not eating meat?”  The questioner then stated “One person won’t make a difference”.  I responded by explaining how I understood it at the time: that of course it won’t make a difference if everyone thought that way but with each individual that chooses not to eat meat, it begins to add up and make a difference.  As the animals continue to remind us, it has to start with ourselves, as individuals.  Thankfully, others felt the same as me and change has occurred.  Things will always stay the same if we choose to believe statements like the one shared with me.

The perspective that everyone can make a difference is very powerful and, once everyone understands and knows the power they have is within themselves, change will be fast.

Happiness: The greatest gift that we possess.

This is an article that has been cooking for a little while now but a couple of recent triggers have called time and asked that this be shared.

One was the reminder of a quote from the wise Thich Nhat Hanh: “There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way”.  The other was an event which affected my old home town a couple of days ago.

The quote from Thich Nhat Hanh is true, to an extent.  Happiness is the way, but we do also have to find our way to ‘the way’.  Our journey to reconnect with happiness is our way to the way, which can feel challenging at times.  Certain conditions, such as neurological issues, can affect our reconnection but that is another article in itself.

When prompted to ask more from the wise and generous Animal Realm about “What is happiness?” they began by showing me that it is a combination of more than one thing.

It is emotion, feeling and experience.  Happiness is a state of existence encompassing these emotions, feelings and experiences.  Pleasure and joy can incorporate and be created by each of these, individually or combined, but happiness is more a state of being, an existence.

Many of us think we know happiness.  We have all experienced moments which have made us happy and, when reconnecting with those memories at a later time, we reconnect with the emotion of that moment, but is that real inner happiness?  The Animals explained that there is more to it than that.

[On a brief side-note: the words joy and happiness are often interchanged and there is a difference between the two.  I will share how they have been explained to me, with happiness as a state of existence and joy more of a temporary emotion connected with an experience.  They can often be understood the other way around, with joy being the deeper of the two.  Whichever resonates with you, go with that.  They are words, designed for the purpose of communicating how we feel.  For the purpose of us actually experiencing the two, it doesn’t make a difference what we call it, the experience still exists as it is meant to.]

When people share “I just want to be happy” they can often be searching for an external stimulant which may come in the form of travel, a partner, child, job, home etc.  Whatever it is, there is a ‘thing’ which becomes a target or goal to reach.  That’s when happiness is often mistakenly adopted as a ‘thing’ to obtain.  The search for the elusive ‘happy thing’ to bring us happiness can then become a one-lifetime or multiple-lifetime mission.  To expect one obtainable item to be our ticket to happiness is when many people, instead, discover disappointment.

If we are not truly happy, the illusion of happiness will continually shift its identity.

It’s not that those targets and goals will never help us achieve happiness.  They can be what our Soul is requesting for us to fulfil our purpose which then helps us reconnect with true happiness, but for them to ‘bring us’ happiness is a thought process which requires shifting.  It implies we want to passively receive happiness instead of actively utilising these tools and experiences to rediscover it.

Our place of happiness exists because we choose to allow it to, not because something, or someone, triggered an emotion or feeling.   That is joy, the quick fix.  Joy can sometimes distract us from acknowledging, nurturing and developing that deeper level of existence in happiness and it may become addictive.

We adapt our human needs and live for that spike of emotion, using it as an energetic plaster to cover and hide deeper emotional wounds and our Soul’s needs.

Through the process of releasing belief constraints, fears, allowing love and establishing boundaries, we heal those deep wounds and find no further need for plasters.  We simply enjoy the joyous moments while existing in true, inner happiness.

Happiness is an existence in love.  When we are deeply happy, we connect with the love for ourselves, everyone and everything around us.  Joy comes from, and can fluctuate with, external influences, gratifications and pleasures, which are all experiences intermingled with happiness but only fleeting.

Moments of joy, thrills and excitement throughout life will provide a fix we feel we are needing but our search for happiness will continue after the effects of that experience have worn off.  Other moments in life will resonate deeply within us and they are the ones to recognise as experiences for developing our true happiness.

While chatting, the Animals suggested to see happiness as flowers in a vase of water with the vase as our physical body and the water our energetic, or inner self.  If we allow the water to become stagnant or the vase to empty, the flowers will wilt and die.  They have nothing to nourish them.  If we neglect ourselves and forget to nourish ourselves from within, we leave nothing to nurture our happiness.     

The key to happiness is in recognising which moment acts as a plaster and which waters our flowers.

Brick wall or Doorway?

Many moons ago, I was travelling through a beautiful island paradise where I had been warmly welcomed by the locals.  I had jumped straight into a traveller’s brochure and was living the dream.  Then we turned a corner and it hit me like a brick wall.  An emotional brick wall.  There was a huge advertising board promoting a new residential building complex which could have come straight from the suburbs of any developed city.  A sadness engulfed me as I mentally decided this potential development would completely ruin this unspoilt, natural beauty I was in the midst of enjoying.  An innocent beauty many people from developed city landscapes longed for.

As we continued along the road, marvelling at the lush rainforest and happy, thriving local communities around us, the billboard kept re-projecting itself at me.

I questioned why it upset me so much.  I acknowledged my want to protect this serenity for others to enjoy, and the feeling that change would bring a negative outcome, but to feel so distraught was perplexing.

While realising it was more the feeling of helplessness which was upsetting me, another revelation occurred: it wasn’t really about protecting, it was about controlling what these communities could do.

Who was I to question whether another being has the right to experience what I have had, let alone restrict their experience by telling them to keep it raw?

Many people experience growth and plenty, convenience and fortune, take a brief visit to less developed countries for emotional and mental rebalancing, then return to the conveniences of ‘civilisation’.  When we feel a threat approaching our therapy source, we try to control it.

Previous encounters have given some people insight into what can follow mass development after its arrival into smaller communities.  We can find ourselves subconsciously using that insight to create a fear-based projection that the same will happen to others.  Instead of reconnecting with our own experience and bringing awareness to a situation, we fully block others from any opportunity to learn as we did.

Perspective and advice, offered from a place of compassion, bring much greater growth than any transmission of fear.

Because some of us have transitioned through a door of experience and can look back, it doesn’t certify us to stop others going through their own door.  How are people supposed to learn from experience if it is only a reality for some?  It would be akin to an adult limiting a child’s every interaction in case one may hurt the child.  How will that child ever learn?

There is nothing to compare against if only one end of a scale is experienced.

This applies to us as a species and universally.

The concept that we have gone too far as a species, irrevocably destroying our planet and humanity, is a popular concept to some.  There are others who believe there is still time to make amends, if we act now.

Wanting to retreat to an existence prior to all advances in technology, industry and agriculture to live a very simple life free from modern complexities may feel like an option but it’s fundamentally unrealistic.  Our species has evolved beyond that, physically, mentally and emotionally.

By looking back, unregretful and with wisdom, at what we have gone through we take insight with us as we move forward.  Through processing our lessons and experiences, we will enable and empower ourselves to continue with momentum and further growth.

We need to maintain momentum or we will stagnate.

Trying to return to how we were prior to a particular event would be admitting that we have never learnt from it, that there was no lesson at all. We need to recognise that we did experience that moment for a reason.

Explained succinctly in the iconic ‘Back to the Future’ films, returning to before an event, and trying to change what happened, doesn’t bode well or ‘solve’ anything.  Other unforeseen factors create a different future and conjure other lessons for us.

Many of us are aware that, as individuals, we learn from our challenges and continue forward with our new-found knowledge.  It is time to embrace all that knowledge we have accumulated from our individual and communal experiences and utilise it to enhance what we have, not discard what we have learnt on the journey here.  We will continue to move on with insight and perspective which we can offer to share, but not enforce on other.  It is time to apply that on a universal level and use it to help all beings transition through the latest shift that is occurring.  A shift which requires that we all come together as one and bring our experiences to the table.  We are learning and growing as one entity.

Our experiences enable us to teach as well as learn.

This is why we must allow others their version of experiences we may have had.  Another’s experience will not unfold as ours because it will be individual to them.  Even if we feel we didn’t enjoy or benefit from a particular moment of our journey, it happened and we still obtained knowledge and insight from it.  This puts us in a wonderful position to share what we have learnt and guide another but never control, dictate or steer their path.  It is their journey with personal lessons to grow from.  We have had, and will continue to have, ours.