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sunbird-small  For the love of an animal.

nic and xena2As sentient beings, we are all connected by love and this is an interspecies constant.  We feel love, so do our companions. Besides receiving the love from an animal, there is also the need for our companions to receive love from us and others within their own species.  They desire to be loved as much as we do.

sunbird-small  Creating change.

We need to dig deep down within ourselves to uncover and embrace those imbalances in our psyche.  Am I giving and receiving?   Am I learning as well as sharing?  Am I acknowledging my weaknesses as well as my strengths?  And am I willing to accept criticism as well as acclaim? Once we recognise, and are comfortable with, all this within ourselves then we are able to recognise and encourage this within others.

sunbird-small  r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

Trying to learn more about the choice somebody else made may lead us to learn more about ourselves.  It offers an opportunity to bring new knowledge into our own lives which we can take with us as we walk our path and share with others along the way.

sunbird-small  It’s a pity to pity.

Under the frail, physical form of a skinny one-eyed dog was a strong, content, loving soul who was wanting to be recognised for those true qualities.  He was Somebody, not the pitied stray dog many saw.

sunbird-small  Mirror, mirror.

When we are cocooned in a certain situation or circumstance, it is very hard to get a true perspective and understanding of what we are experiencing.  By looking through another’s eyes and experiencing the same situation from the outside, it makes it a great deal easier to comprehend and rectify.

sunbird-small  Picture Perfect.

With this knowing comes an empowering sense of inner strength and support.  A clarity emerges which enables us to find and draw on that strength during some of our most challenging times.


sunbird-small  Synchronicithree.

A very powerful sequence of imagery and messages has been coming from many different directions recently.  A companion horse in Australia, undomesticated dogs in Bali, fellow humans during conversations and Reiki sessions and a persistent little insect to name a few.

sunbird-small  Kids and Pets Day.

One of the reasons it can be so strong between children and animals is because children, like most animals, are living in the present.  The worry of future events and past experiences is seldom dominating a child’s mind and that is something they hold common with their animal friends.

sunbird-small  My Lesson.

This is a message which continually emerges during interspecies conversations and I was having to remind myself of it and practice the challenging task of truly surrendering all control of the situation.

sunbird-small  Heart lessons continued.

As previous conversations with my animal friends has confirmed, the heart is at the centre of all that is connected, like a spider web.  It is a delicate but strong structure where the slightest bit of interference ripples through to the centre.  All that we experience affects our core, our heart at the centre of the web.

sunbird-small  Acceptance of Self.

Feel yourself as the being you entered this life as, the blank canvas before society moulded you. Feel who you really are and appreciate yourself for who you have become.

sunbird-small  There’s too much space in the beanbag.

It takes many petals

For the past 6 years, rights to a resident beanbag had been mutually shared. More mutually by me but it was considered dual occupancy.  Xena had the beanbag whilst I positioned myself, yogi-like, on top of the remaining beans. Fair deal (in her big brown eyes).

sunbird-smallFrom here to there.

20180727_161400A simple shift from what we think another wants and needs, to what we know they want and need is a massive step.

sunbird-smallGood Vibrations.

Often mistakenly understood and portrayed as ‘negative’ aspects of ourselves, our challenges and traits in those lower vibrations are crucial to self-development. They are as much a part of us and our growth as our ‘positive’ traits. It’s necessary to spend time acknowledging our fears, our addictions, our anger, our grief, our challenges, our beliefs and our dis-eases. They are all a part of who we are, why we are here and are aids in our Soul’s development. Characteristics for us to learn from.

sunbird-smallAnimals as food.


Culinary names replaced species names as animals became dinner items rather than prey. By altering the identification of the food source, this sense of disconnection became the norm.

Over time, humans lost almost all memory of the knowledge animals had to share.

sunbird-smallWe are all immortal.

Our perception of our connection with other animals and all around us would shift from temporary to infinite.

We would see, feel and experience our relationships as the eternal bonds that they are and not just fleeting moments in a ‘lifetime’.

sunbird-smallThe Universal Renovation.

DSC_0399By attaching control to awareness, we are blinkering the insight.  We begin to remove the vision of choice and opinion, debate and discussion.  What can be learnt from the other point of view is often lost because we are so focussed on converting our listener.

sunbird-smallSick to the Stomach

Our species is, literally, sick to the stomach.  We are struggling to digest and process the ever-accumulating fear triggers.  We allow others, consciously or sub-consciously, to instil their beliefs onto us like they were our own.

sunbird-smallWoe is Me

Self-pity and self-awareness are different levels of introspection, both a connection with ourselves on an emotional and mental level. What we see and do during that connection is the key to our experience.

sunbird-smallTherapy Animals

The variance of mental, emotional and physical requirements of the guests called for a multispecies army of therapists. Therapy Animals are no longer being concentrated towards physical needs. Their compassion and understanding has opened them up to requests from humans experiencing mental and emotional challenges also.

sunbird-smallBrick wall or Doorway?

Many people experience growth and plenty, convenience and fortune, take a brief visit to less developed countries for emotional and mental rebalancing, then return to the conveniences of ‘civilisation’.  When we feel a threat approaching our therapy source, we try to control it.

sunbird-smallHappiness: The greatest gift that we possess.Nic and Tree

The search for the elusive ‘happy thing’ to bring us happiness can then become a one-lifetime or multiple-lifetime mission.  To expect one obtainable item to be our ticket to happiness is when many people, instead, discover disappointment.