Wild Life

Exist outside the boundaries of where others feel you should be.

“A ‘wild life’ is to exist outside the boundaries of where someone else feels one should be.  An uncultivated, unplanned and free form of growth or living.

Find that Free Spirit in you.  The place where you’re untouched.  The light of who you are.

There are pockets of your Free Spirit all around your Being, like the wilderness areas of Mother Earth.


Animals living and plants growing in their natural environment.

Source: Yourdictionary.com

Untouched, unsculpted, free energy pockets of you.  Your pure state.  As pure as the Being you are.

Connect with the strength you have to live and grow to your own natural rhythm.  Nourish your environment around you to encourage your natural growth.  If we try to plant or nurture ourselves in an unsuitable position, we struggle to survive. 

Consider your place, your position.  

Are you attempting to fit in, position yourself physically, mentally and emotionally somewhere that creates an internal struggle? 

Putting yourself in a position which causes you to survive rather than bloom?

The Wild in you, feel it.

It is your natural pure state of bliss.  Your Happy Place.  That space which connects you to your pure essence.  

Not separate to you, not pre-learned, pre belief or another, alternative version of who you can be but an essence, aspect, of you that blends with all those others to become you.

The Free Spirit in you is a part of you as is everything you learn, believe and utilise as a Community Spirit.  They are not distinguishable.

It’s not about choosing one or the other.

Many of us exist as free, wild spirits in the wild as communities.”

We embrace the freedom our own Soul possess.”

“Wild Thing.  

You make my Heart sing.”  

The Troggs

2 thoughts on “Wild Life

    1. We do, Julie. Also to what we think they want, expect and need. There’s a beautiful peace and freedom when we release all that 💚


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