Over time, the ability to connect and communicate with our fellow animals, plants and Mother Earth has long been forgotten by many humans.  For us all to co-habit this beautiful world together, we need to understand and respect each other as individuals and as one energy.

As an Interspecies Communicator, Nicola embraces the opportunities to interact with beings from all species and combine it with her skills as a Reiki Master and massage therapist to help us and all species live fuller lives with deeper understanding. 

Ethel and Shadow

Every being has a voice that is wanting to be heard.  It is time for us to listen and learn from what these voices are telling us, to hear their messages.

Nicola Poole

Nicola’s mission and vision:

To enrich the lives of all beings by encouraging compassion, understanding and empowerment between all species.

 It’s time for all to be heard.

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Love what you offer our soul connection between animals and human companions. When we are too close to an animal it is a gift to have a wonderful connection that is unique genuine and true. Nicola your an inspiration and gifted channel. Much love and gratitude.

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